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Rakes, in or out of bunkers

Gary D

Trying to decide whether its better to rake a bunker and leave the rake in or out of the bunker. Just had a round where my approach shot hit a rake lying outside a bunker and bounced across the green into a hazard. Should that rake been placed in the bunker ?

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  1. Darron K

    I prefer the rakes out of the bunker. Hitting it is just unfortunate.
  2. Speedy

    I say in the bunker but up against the edge.. But every course is different. There was one course i played that asked all players to leave the rake outside the bunker but lateral to the hole..

    Did you ball hit the rake on the fly?
  3. Kevin B

    Here's a great article on the rules. Our club committee has elected outside of bunker. Based upon the rule of left in the bunker I think I'd prefer it out. Although based upon your story I'm not sure now. LOL! Hope this helps. Have fun out there.
  4. Chuck Z

    It is the course Superintendents that decide whether they want the rakes in or out. At our course he instructs his workers to leave them out. I go to other courses and see them in. I think I would leave it where I found it, unless all the other rakes on that trap are in the trap.
  5. No'l

    I hear you, Gary. There's been a few ways it has been discussed over time and it all depends who says... So far, there are a few of clubs who has their rakes hidden in the ground where you can pop it out and it won't be in sight before and after, some have the rakes on the cart (the problem there is what if more than one guy is in and they are at an opposite sides, and then those who argues whether it should be in our out of the bunker. Personally, I like it in the bunker where it lies in the same direction of through the hole (not sideways), and also at the lowest point of the bunker.

    Hope you have better luck next round.
  6. Joshua B

    In the bunker would help with a preferential lie, and I like that...but I was always taught to put long way at the low point of the bunker edge. That is where you are supposed to enter and makes sense to me.
  7. Titleist Fan 179

    Always in a the bunker, if you hit in a bunker you should be penalized if you hit the rake, not out of it. Besides, then you get to use your SM wedges
  8. Kyle J

    Outside bunker, in line with the direction of the fairway/green.
  9. Barry B

  10. Gary Pierpont

    I have worked at a golf course and we were always told to put the rake outside of the bunker after raking it because they wanted the bunkers to look as nice as possible.
  11. colin b

    I always think they should be placed in the bunker
  12. Jeff K

    At our club racks are left outside the bunker. Recently they have been installing stands for them which are about 12 inches high and the rack sits horizontally on these, supported by a 1/4 inch piece of steel. You would be pretty unlucky to hit this.
    I think the reason for having racks outside the bunker is that if they are inside and stop your ball you could be only just inside and have a bad lie / no real shot. If the rack is outside at least your ball may hit it and not go in. I think it also comes down to where the rack is placed outside. If it's on the far side, away from the green, then hitting it was probably due to a bad shot. If it's on the green side, the ball may be missing the bunker and gets deflected in. I think it comes down to common sense as to where to place it by those playing the course.
  13. Devon M

    Honestly I think it can vary course to course. At my local course where I am a member, I usually leave the rake just inside the bunker so that the grounds crews can mow around them easily. However another course not far down the road had a label on their rakes that ask golfers to leave them outside of the bunkers.
  14. Keith M

    Out of the bunker for me. I'll take my chances hitting a rake outside. Heck, I never hit my targets anyway.
  15. Carl T

    The answer to your question remains with the greens committee or the policy of the golf club where you are playing. There is no right or wrong answer. At my club through the years the policy has been both. Currently our policy is to leave the rakes outside of the bunkers.
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