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Best Ad ever......


Not sure if anyone saw this during The Open but this has to be the best Ad I've seen from Titleist in a long time. Gave me goose bumps.. Considering all the non-sense that happened during the season with other companies and players (some previous Titleist players) comparing their current products to Titleist (actually calling them out) was absolute stupidity. I get the marketing and all that but come on.. I would list names and all but it's not worth the effort. I'm sure MANY of you know what I'm talking about...

I highly respect that Titleist took the high road and this commercial said it all, "Performance speaks louder than words".. Enough said. Great job!

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  1. Barry B

    I did see it. It's a great ad!!
  2. Chuck Z

    Kudo's to the Titleist marketing team. The best!
  3. RJohnson

    That's a great ad, and I agree with every word.
  4. Dwayne N

    Titleist always takes the high road in equipment , ads and everything else
  5. Joe D

    Yes saw the ad great commercial, The stats of Titleist says it all top performance.
  6. Chris B

    great commercial
  7. Tom B

    Hadn't seen it thanks. Obviously all the others ".......DID come to play for second place, Romeo!"
  8. Jason C

    I hadn't seen hat ad, thanks for posting. It is a great ad!
  9. Bill L

    The brand speaks for itself.
  10. Jim D

    Classy ad from a very classy company!
  11. David M

    One of the many, many things to love about Titleist and their products is that they are in a class amongst themselves. Great commercial.
  12. Travis W

    Agreed. Great ad. The guys I play with are always talking about their Epics or Ms, but my Titleist 915D2 is always out front. And. They all play Titleist balls.
  13. george t

    watched most of the tournament via DVR, so fast forward was getting a work out. I missed the ad, but thanks for the share - it's clear who is in the lead!
  14. Richard M

    Great ad. Can't beat Titleist consistency and quality!

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