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Golf Stats Recording/Tracking

Sam R

Anyone got any recommendations of stats recording/tracking websites?

I'd been using Decade (Birdie Fire) so recording distance of each shot and lies each shot were etc, but it appears to get the sort of level of stats i'm after you need to pay for an upgraded account but it's extortionate and wasn't how it was advertised.

I've been speaking to a few people in the industry/know pros and the following have been suggested:

All of these seem to have one level of account/subscription.

Anyone used any of these or know of any others to consider?

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  1. John A.

    Have you looked at Arccos?
  2. Rob_Roth1

    Did you check 18 birdies?

    They have a bunch of tracking stuff
  3. Joel L

    I have used "The Grint"(free) for basic stats for several years. I tried for a couple of years which gives good stats. I have been using DECADE(paid) this year with good results. The putting stats are extensive. They send you videos based on stats to help your game. Is seems to be more for the high end player. They have been making improvements to the site all year.

    They all tell me to improve my GIR. DUH!
  4. JLundquist

    I have been using The Grint (premium) for the last 3 seasons. Have no complaints at all. Plus you get a USGA handicap through it as well.
  5. Joe D

    18 Birdies have tracking status,track and record shots,etc,saves your rounds for handicap.
    Still in experiment stages for me
    The just launched a premium.
  6. Nicholas H Founder of the strokes gained stat. Easy to record during the round.
  7. Bigdougie71

    I use the SkyCaddie Linx GT Watch with Tags and find this brilliant for stats
  8. david s

    I use the SkyCaddie Touch, its only this year I've started entering my scores, previously I just used it for distance measuring.
    I'm pleased with the stats you get from the Sky Golf 360 with relatively low effort, just entering a few details as you leave the green, score, fairway hit or miss, number of puts, you can also edit it later when you hook it up to your PC if you've forgot. Makes the annual subscription a lot more value.
  9. kevin g

    18 Birdies is the way to go .

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