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Straps on new 4way stand bag

harry h

I have the new 4-way stand bag my question what do you do with excess straps once you adjust to yourself do you tape them to straps or how to not have them hanging down?

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  1. Tom B

    And I thought I was the only one. Most folks I know just leave them hanging. I've used a black rubber band, black fabric tape, and even gotten a needle and thread out and put a couple stitches through the strap fabric putting them together. I just don't like them flapping around either. Tempted to cut and trim them, but not been that brave.
  2. Lito B

    I put a couple of stitches using a needle and thread on the hanging straps. (2017 Titleist 14-Way Players Stand Bag). It looks neat that way.
  3. Tyler H

    I fold them up and use a black zip tie to secure them.

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