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All The Other Ball Markers In My Bag Are Now Jealous! My Limited Edition Titleist Ball Marker Is-- OFF THE HOOK!

Kevin B

What more can be added to whats already been articulated about these LE Ball Markers?!

I received mine this last Saturday in the mail. Upon opening I could not believe my eyes. Immediately I thought...well this is going to be used for special golf occasions like my up and coming Club Championship.

What a handsome ball marker this is to say little for the beautiful case to keep it in! WOW! Does Titleist know us or what?!

My gratitude to all at Titleist for the finest equipment on all levels, all the way down to the LE Ball Marker and Case. Well done once again.

All the other ball markers in my bag are now jealous and don't hold a candle to this new addition to ALL my Titleist gear.

You're the BEST Titleist! Never Ever Change!

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  1. brian b

    i'm jealous!
  2. Rob_Roth1

    They are sweet as I got mine and people keep asking me where did I get it?
  3. Robert L

    Yup! Received mine last month, and it's one clean piece.
  4. Patrick D

    Wow, nice pick up, that thing is awesome.
  5. blair

    I'm very jealous would love to add one of the markers to my titleist collection. I'm proud to show off my loyalty for the brand so the more Team Titleist stuff I can show off the better
  6. Chuck Z

    A classic and one that is admired by others.
  7. Brian B

    Awesome! Titleist comes up w/ another great surprise for its fans. Thanks!!
  8. Daniel A

    You work for the secret service?
  9. JWery

    super jealous! hoping there are still some being distributed! :)
  10. Steve S

    Hey Kevin, enjoy congrats on your new ball marker. I agree with Chuck Z, anything with Titleist on it is admired by others, and of course is a classic!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  11. stephen b

    I'm very happy for you!!!! Use it with PRIDE.
  12. Bill L

    Nice looking marker.
  13. Joey L

    Sweet! All of the Team Titleist accessories are fantastic! Very jealous!
  14. Dave N

    Nice score.
  15. RBH

    Wow. That is an awesome addition to any bag. You will be the envy of every group you play with.
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