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6 feet under, who gets your stuff?


Had a very interesting group discussion yesterday with a few buddies about what happens to our precious golf collections when we die.. One of my buddies has a VERY nice Scotty 009 putter and lord knows how much other stuff he has, he has QUITE the collection.... So we asked him who you're gonna leave it with when you go 6 feet under.. He didn't have an answer and no will at the moment so of course we started begging :).

Then I actually thought about some of my precious golf stuff that I have collected over the years and who to hand them down to.. At the moment it would be my boys BUT they're not showing a lot of interest in golf at the moment, hopefully that'll change.. But yeah, who could I leave my stuff with? Would they keep it and pass it down or sell it? I don't think I would care since i'll be a goner but wondering if any of you actually put down in your will or trust who should get your golf collection...

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  1. Barry B

    I use to have a big collection of stuff, but realized that it's all just sitting in a closet or boxed up in the basement (since I don't have a "display" room) and I never really looked at it very often. So slowly but surely I have given away everything except for my clubs, shoes and two golf bags. The clubs and bags will mostly be gone before I head to the great beyond sometime out in the future, but should I go suddenly in the near future my younger brother reaps the rewards of what equipment I have remaining.
  2. Tyler H

    This is a good question Speedy. I think most of my normal golf stuff would go to to friends and their kids. All of my Cameron Stuff would go to the Trash Pandas - they know who they are. I should probably update my will to indicate that.

  3. Gabriel G

    Well you could designate specifically in your will how to distribute your precious golf items. When you die I don't think you would care anymore.
  4. Rob_Roth1

    My unborn son (due 9/1) and my daughter Violet.

    My wife has played a little but not sure if she would care about my stuff! LOL
  5. Tim Tiger

    My stuff will go to my friends near and far. Unless by that time I have grand children that take up the game.

  6. Mike H

    I would have to leave it to my sons for sure. If they don't already have nicer things than me.
  7. Don O

    I'm the last lefty in my family. Clubs will go to First Tee, Other equipment not taken by sons will follow. Memorabilia will be their choice to keep or try to auction. You don't want to write this detail into a will, but a signed letter directing personal property is something to do today. Lightning can happen any day in the summer.
  8. Deno

    My oldest Grandson, also a TT member will get my "stuff". I hope there's a course in the hereafter with ShipSticks
  9. Chuck Z

    The smart thing to do to put it all down in a will. Regardless what you want now, could end up in a yard sale.
  10. Don O


    My oldest Grandson, also a TT member will get my "stuff". I hope there's a course in the hereafter with ShipSticks

    LOL - will they still do it for just $35? Or will a one-way only delivery be more?
  11. Michael JC

    Taking my 915 D2 and Scotty with me!
  12. Steve S

    Great post! Both of my son's.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  13. Dave N

    Speedy, are you feeling a little under the weather? If so don't forget who your new buddy is.

    My son without a doubt would get everything, but I'm sure he would let a couple of my buddies grab a few things...
  15. Deno


    My oldest Grandson, also a TT member will get my "stuff". I hope there's a course in the hereafter with ShipSticks

    Hey Don
    That may be one way by the mile
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