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Play 9 holes w/ my PGA golf instructor


This morning I had a 9 hole playing session with my instructor. This was the 2nd time i've done this and i have to say, man do you learn a lot when playing with a pro. He certainly points out A LOT of stuff you don't see. Also, when i'm with him in the studio/range I tend to hit great shots and do what he tells me BUT and we've all been there, on the course it's a complete 180.. So today was fun to get out there with him and play. He was able to see my issues and give me some tips on how to correct them. 2 things he noticed this morning were fairway shots and short game w/ wedge...

Fairway shots, i need to make sure my posture AND ball position is correct. I was duffing a few shots w/ with my high irons (7,8,9 wedge) and noticed the ball postion was more towards my front foot. Going forward he wants me to start playing the ball a little further back, this way the club will hit the ball first and have better contact.. So, i need to take my time and make sure i'm good..

Chip shots around the green.. This was interesting b/c I never heard this before.. I was thinning a few shots so he grabbed a few coins in his pockets and buried them in the rough and laid a few on the fringe.. He had me hit the coins onto the green.. I have to say that made a difference.. i was able to get under the ball, pretending i was going for the coin.. Still need some practice but thought that was an interesting way to correct my chipping issue..

Anyways thought i would share...IF anyone out there having issues with their swing, support ya local PGA professional and get some lessons.. IMO, it's worth every penny and VERY thankful for my instructors. This is my 3rd year with him and enjoy every minute with him. Always learning something new..

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  1. masamitsu

    Never thought of doing this but might add it to my list. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. TUrreta

    Great advice - my coach suggested it and hopefully I'll break away from work some afternoon and do it. Thanks for reminding me.
  3. Gabriel G

    I would love to play nine holes with my golf pro. He could see my mistakes in course management. Which I think is my weakness. Using the wrong strategy or the wrong club.
  4. Tim Tiger

    Glad he could assist you Speedy. Just 4 or 5 more sessions and you will be ready for Wincy.

  5. Tyler H

    Great to hear Speedy. It is always nice to get the chance to play with someone that knows the swing and have them act as a second pair of eyes in playing conditions. It is easy for anyone to fall into a groove on the range and become "Ranger Rick"
  6. Joe D

    Great way to improve your game.
    Beats hitting balls on the range and into a simulator.
    Really gets you to think about the mental aspects of the game.
    Years ago I went out and played 18 with my instructor several times it was a real eye opener.
    Thanks for sharing, you got me thinking about doing this again.
  7. Barry B

    It is amazing at how quickly a professional can see something that is out of whack and work with you to correct it on the spot.
  8. Rob_Roth1

    I agree it's a great experience and allows them to see you in action and rather than on the practice tee.
  9. 19hole

    It is always a great idea to spend some time on the course with your PGA Pro. The biggest benefit is learning how to manage your way around the course and eliminate the big numbers!
  10. Chris C

    Good to hear, Speedy. I did a playing lesson a long time ago. Sounds like another one would be a great help
  11. Frank P

    Playing lessons are great, especially in the area of course management. It's interesting when the pro let's you try a shot your way and then tells you to drop down another ball, switches clubs and approach and makes you do it his way. It leaves you scratching your head how simple this game can sometimes be if you use your head. Now if I can only get my pro to "Caddy" for me in club tournaments. LOL.
  12. Sam R

    I had one earlier in the year as well and it's a great way for your pro to see how to approach certain shots and act on the golf course. I'm playing off 5 so there's usually only small tweaks needed in my swing to get me back to my best, the one big thing I found from having a playing lesson was my alignment was way off.

    When you're just hitting balls on the range down the same target line it's easy to get your alignment pretty much spot on. But when you get on the course and have to target different sides of the fairway etc that's when my pro was able to spot some big mistakes.

    I usually have an hour lesson each time and because the course my pro is based at has such good practice facilities (the pitching and chipping area is the best in our county if not the whole south west) I always try and have 30 mins long game, then 30 mins doing some chipping/pitching/bunker play.

    Also finding a pro who has some sort of putting analysis technology is also huge in my opinion. Putting is arguably half your score and far too many people don't pay enough attention to having this reviewed, let alone practicing putting!

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