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Wireless headphones for driving range?

David A

Looking for some recommendations...I have been getting annoyed recently by the constant chatter on the driving range distracting me from my practice sessions. I am looking for some wireless headsphone to pair with my iPhone, specifically for use when swinging a golf club. Looking for something that is kind of sweat proof and doesn't constantly fall out of my ear or get in the way of my swing. What do you guys use/recommend? Thanks a lot!

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  1. Andrew A

    I currently use the anker earbuds and they are perfect. They don't fall out or even get loose while swinging and are 100% sweatproof. They will hold a charge for about 8 hours as well.
  2. Keith M

    I know what you mean, it annoys me as well. I asked my instructor if I should listen to music because of it and her response was "absolutely not! You start swinging to the rhythm of the music and it will mess you up."

    That said, if you feel comfortable with it, anything from Bose works well. I love mine.
  3. Rob_Roth1

    I have the bose ones and they are great! i get a little hot while hitting so I take them off for a little while
  4. Joseph M

    Well I don't know what your budget is but I have a set of powerbeats that are Bluetooth and they are money. I wear them for my practice sessions here in Florida where the humidity is always hi and never have an issue with the sweat and them falling out of my ears. Plus the sound and how they sit quiet the range around me. Hope it helps
  5. David A

    I understand about swinging to the rhythm of the music and how that might be a problem. However, the really horrible swing advice/tips I overhear sometimes might be equally damaging, lol
  6. RJohnson

    I really enjoy the Beats wireless earbuds. I like listening to music at the range, helps me focus and not get distracted.
  7. Chris92009

    I very much enjoy my wireless AirPods from Apple! They work great and if someone walks up I can remove one for the music to pause.

  8. Chuck Z

    I go to the range when it not so busy or move to an area where it is not so noisy. I do not listen to music on the course so that would not be helpful in me practicing. I am retired, so I can be selective in my practice habits. Go to a hunting supply store and purchase some ear plugs to block out the outside chatter. Walmart might even have them.
  9. Frank P

    If you don't want to hear music or people talking, then head to Lowe's or Home Depot and get a pair of foam ear plugs. Just crush them in your finger tips, place them in your ears and they will expand back. Trust me, you won't hear a thing.
  10. RBH

    I guess I am just old school, and I know a number of players who listen to music. I just believe that a significant amount of touch and feel is generated by "sound" at impact. Anything that interferes with that limits feel. Titleist even lists sound and acoustics as being an important part of the club design. I find a different area to practice.
  11. Quinn J

    Defianatly go with Bose. If you want earbuds get the Bose SoundSport wirless , if you want headphones get The Bose SoundLink 2 wirless. I have both and enjoy them on the range !
  12. Darron K

    David A

    I understand about swinging to the rhythm of the music and how that might be a problem. However, the really horrible swing advice/tips I overhear sometimes might be equally damaging, lol

    I use to have that issue but I learned to block out the conversations around me. I would love to listen to music when practicing but found my swing listens to the beat and I would have to be very selective to the type of music listened too. I don't listen to music anymore and mentally strengthen myself or as Chuck and Frank mentioned. I have a set of ear plugs in my bag.
  13. APhillip

    I use Apple Airpods and some earhooks that i got off Amazon for them. The earhook keeps them in place as they do fall out for me. They are very comfortable with zero wires.
    I enjoy listening to podcasts when i practice- 18strong, NoLayingUp, FriedEgg or TheHoselJockeys are all good choices.

    Good luck
  14. B.A.

    I have some Bose wired ones that are great sound-wise, but for wireless, I have the new Beatsx ones and the battery life is no comparison to the others. They don't fit as well as the Bose, nor do they sound as good, but the other features make up for it. They also will charge for two hours use in 5 minutes. I do use them at the range when I'm just having a practice session and don't want to focus and not hear anyone.
  15. riley a

    I use the BeatsX. I like them and have had no issue with them falling out! I like that you charge them with the lightning cable (same as iphones). There is a quick charge feature that charges the headphones to about 2 hours worth of use in 15 minutes. Pretty handy for when I forget to charge them before heading to the course.
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