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How Many Of You Putt With The Glove On

Frank P

I started to putt with the glove on about 5 or 6 years ago when I felt that the constant on and off was another time wasting move. I think it feels fine. Hey, it worked fine for Arnie and Jack.

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  1. Chuck Z

    Always have. Same feel for every club throughout the round.
  2. Tom C

    Each to their own but I don't see how putting a glove on and taking it off wastes time? I always do it while walking, to and from my shots!

    But if it works for you that's great!
  3. Epic

    I don't like putting with my glove on and when it is 90 degree outside is kinda hard to play with a glove on all day,
  4. Don O

    I take it off to let it "breathe" until the next hole and since I'm LH, so I don't have to shake hands coming off 18 with the glove on.
  5. riley a

    I play in high humidity so I prefer to take it off to get some air flow thru the glove. I'm sure once I got used to the feel it wouldn't bother me but I prefer to get my hand some air haha.
  6. No'l

    There's been a lot of ideas given about speeding up play- if that helps you speed things up, more power to you.

    Thanks for the tidbit about Arnie and Jack- 'never knew that.

    I like my gloves off and I also don't like any delay in play :)
  7. CCode

    I never putt with a glove on and take my glove off for all green side shots. I do it because I feel like it gives me better feel. My rule of thumb is if i'm not using my range finder I don't wear my glove.
  8. Joe D

    Putt with no glove,and I take my glove off after every shot.
  9. Frank P

    A couple of things. First, my hands are constantly sweaty here in FL especially in the summer. Now I see that most of the folks on this site walk which gives you plenty of time to put a glove back on, but when you ride a cart like I do, you have seconds to get up to the next tee and I was always struggling to get a damp glove on a damp hand. It became a real pain. I got so used to it that even in the cooler months, I just left it on and never thought about it. Now I'll put the glove on before I go to the putting green to practice.
  10. Tom B

    Nope. The putter I feel is where you need the most feel of any club, and the glove takes away from that. Haven't putted with it on for 45 years, and I don't find any time wasted putting it on and off. If I know I'm on the green after the approach, I take it off walking up and it goes in the back pocket. Put it back on as I walk to the next tee so no time wasted anywhere.
  11. Dave N

    I gotta let it breathe as much as possible, it's humid here in Fl.
  12. Gabriel G

    I take my glove off. No delay at all since I take it off as I drive to the green. Besides it is up to 100 degrees here and it allows my glove to breathe. I like to feel my club when I putt. I don't need a glove to hold my club from slipping.
  13. Travis W

    I don't think it matters. Whatever is comfortable. I have taken mine off for the last 35 years, simply to minimize the sweat factor. I rotated through 4 gloves today, and by the 9th hole, all 4 were soaking wet. That's humidity in Florida. It's a trade off I'll take everyday for the opportunity to play year round.
  14. Speedy

    I take it off AS I'm walking towards my ball on the green so there's no delay in the game.. I can't keep my glove on the whole time, I take it off when I can to let my hand and glove breath...
  15. Darron K

    I take my glove off after each shot and not when putting. Growing up in Hawaii and living in Texas...the weather and my body doesn't promote dry gloves. As far as speeding up play, if you put your glove on before your shot it's not going to affect speed of play that much. If you mess around a lot before your shot then put your glove on and then have a long pre-shot will affect your speed of play. I can play with our normal group of guys and if no one is in front of us we can finish a round in 3 1/2 hours or less.
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