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  1. Speedy

    That was a great article! Now that's a loyal player right there.. Love it!!!
  2. Rob_Roth1

    Great piece really on brand. Now how can I get a flow neck X5? LOL
  3. Joe D

    Nice article he is a Titleist ambassador that truely supports the brand.
  4. rymail00


    Great piece really on brand. Now how can I get a flow neck X5? LOL

    +1 Rob (and how the new balls working out?)

    That was honestly one of the best articles I've read where they ask "real equipment" questions. Usually questions are pretty generic when when asking about equipment. I really enjoyed reading it, and would love to see more articles that really dive into that type of equipment questions.

  5. Devon M

    What a great article! I love to hear his opinions on clubs that Titleist is putting out, as well as his role in the making of new golf balls. It was really interesting for me to hear how he decides what clubs he's going to put in his bag (like the vokey pitching wedge, and 2-iron vs. 5 wood). This is something I have been playing around a little with myself. You can tell JT really is committed to Titleist and has a passion for pushing the brand.
  6. Jack H

    Neat article! Thanks for sharing! Trust is everything!
  7. Deno

    Great Q&A with JT.
  8. ZimKitch

    Thanks for posting.
    Great insight into what these guys think about.
  9. george t

    Enjoyed the article - thanks for sharing! Fun to hear JT's insights. Paraphrasing Justin, "If you're going to be crooked, might as well be long", priceless!

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