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Volunteering US Amateur Bel Air & Riviera

Kevin B

Sometimes in life and golf, its better to take it all versus playing the game we all love.

I'm currently volunteering at the 2017 US Amateur now in progress at Bel Air CC and Riviera CC in Los Angeles through Sunday where the newest US Amateur Champion will be crowned on Sunday at Riviera CC!.

If you ever want to know the state of the grand old game of golf all you need to do is spend a little time at a US Amateur to understand it's in great shape!

These young gifted players from around the world speak volumes for where the game is headed and we're fortunate and owe a tip of our hat to the generations before them and to the parents and teachers of life and the game of golf who've guided the current generation coming of age in golf.

The families, friends and teachers who are with them guiding them and providing the mental and physical skills along with the simple graces of, "Thank You" are to be commended as they deserve much after how you see these young men try to achieve a goal many of us only dreamed of.

I'm most fortunate to have met many of the families, friends and teachers. I met Dawson Armstrong's family from Tennessee who simply are among America's finest in every conceivable way as they all are here supporting their son, brother and boyfriend from sun up at the driving range to sun down back at the driving range.

While grabbing a hamburger after a long day at Bel Air CC we headed to In'n Out Hamburgers in Westwood, where a young man name Luis Gagne from Orlando Florida was sitting with his coach. Luis didn't make the cut. He was having (2) Double Doubles! His first In'n Out! His smile was ear to ear. He was starved. After all he said, "I feel like I've hiked and golfed a mountain all day! It was an experience I'll always be grateful for and remember the rest of my life."

So there it is. A life experience!

Golf. A game that reveals character unlike any other.

I'm the grateful one. Having this experience is something that has renewed many things for me personally and in golf!

Lastly, KUDOS to the USGA....they do it BEST! Be a Volunteer everyone...its one of golf's best experiences without golfing!

PS: And lastly...the ProV1 was the #1 ball of preference from my viewpoint as Marshal of the #9 Tee Box

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12 Replies

  1. Steve M

    Wow...great read and awesome pictures!

    What a cool experience that must have been for you; not only getting to see some of the world best amateurs, but also to step onto the "famed" and "exclusive" Bel-Air Country Club!
  2. Robert L

    Cheers Kevin!
  3. colin b

    Sounds like a great experience well done Kevin for the insight
  4. Joel L

    I did the same at 2014 US Amateur in Atlanta and loved it. It is refreshing to be able to get up close with the players at a USGA event. We followed them during the matches play right on the fairways, intimate setting. I will be volunteering at the 2017 US Mid Am Championship in October. Should be another good experience.
  5. No'l

    So cool and a nice read. Thank you for sharing.

    Yes, my good buddy also sent a picture of him officiating- he was at Bel-Air cc yesterday.
  6. Joe D

    Kevin way to go volunteering your time.
    Always love to watch amateur golf watching all the young talented golfers competing for the championship.
    Golf is a great game,a game that can't be won only played.
  7. Gabriel G

    Everything sounds wonderful. What a great way to spend the day. Thanks for letting us share.
  8. Deno

    Great post Kevin. Well done

  9. Kevin B

    Thanks all. Going to be at Riviera again on Saturday and Sunday for the final match. Some of the best golf you'll ever witness on one of the premier courses in golf.
  10. Luke R

    Keep your eye out for Theo Humphrey from Connecticut. Kid is a player! He is the quarterfinals.
  11. Chuck Z

    Volunteering is a great way for showing you support for the game of golf. I started volunteering at the 1991 Ryder Cup and have not looked back. Have met some great folks during my tenure as a volunteer. Have an charity event coming up the end of October for Denny Hamlin of NASCAR fame and Mark Bryan, Lead Guitarist of Hootie and the Blowfish. Have worked US Amateur, PGA, LPGA, SR PGA, Nationwide, and PGA Club Professional events and Championships.
  12. Kevin B

    Luke R

    Keep your eye out for Theo Humphrey from Connecticut. Kid is a player! He is the quarterfinals.

    Funny you should mention him. I had breakfast with Theo and his mother at Riviera the day he lost. Good kid and has lots of game!

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