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TItleist Hole In One Tag

Brandon E

Thank you Titleist, I got my bag tag yesterday in the mail, it looks great. My one and only hole in one, my buddy and i was able to witness it go in the hole, used a 7 iron it was 170 yards to the pin, ball hit in front of the hole about 1' then jumped up and in the hole.

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  1. Chuck Z

    The Titleist badge of honor. Wear it on your bag with pride. When someone ask what it is, then you will have a wonderful story to tell. A big shout out and congratulations. Cheers, Chuck.................
  2. augusto r

    Nice one,congrats
  3. Titleist Fan 179

    Congrats! That's why we love golf and Titleist!
  4. PRatledge

    Congratulations! I'm still chasing my first one. I have had several inches away but I have yet to have one drop. It must be an incredible feeling.
  5. rymail00

    First of all congrats, that's an awesome feat. Secondly that's great there was someone there to see it! My buddy made 1 but nobody witnessed it. I believe him but that excitement is fun to share.

    Lastly, that bag tag is just awesome!!

    Once again congrats!
  6. Kevin N

    Congrats on the ace and bag tag Brandon! I had my only ace in 1979 using a Titleist DT qualifying for a high school tournament, and have never hit any other ball since. If we'd have had the internet then you can guarantee my tag would still be on my bag....
  7. Jason C

    Congratulations! That is my favorite tag on my bag.
  8. Joe D

    Congratulations on the ace.
  9. richard f

    Well done on your hole in 1 !!
  10. MB

    Congrats!! Looks awesome
  11. Jim D

    Congratulations! Very cool.
  12. Tim D

    Congrats on your Ace. I have witnessed several hole in ones but getting one for myself has eluded me thus far. The course I normally play has for part threes and a diva ke par four. I have 5 opportunitities per round. Hopefully I will accomplish this feat and get an awesome Titleist tag.
  13. Brandon E

    I put it on my bag and showing it off as you can see in the picture.
    Post Image
  14. MMaingre

    Brandon E well done.
    I found once my ball few cm from the cup but it did no fell down into it.
    I am still searching for my hole in one.
    Hopefully soon, or maybe never...where this tag with pride.
  15. CKoetter

    Dangit Brandon E, that picture made me break one of the 10 Commandments! Congrats on the coveted hole-in-one and that Titleist hardware memorializing it!
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