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Mud ball

Todd S

I've been playing golf for 27 years and have had mud on the ball several times before but today was a first for me. It was the second shot into a long Par 5. From the right side of the fairway there was a noticeable clump of mud on the left side of the ball. I remember hearing talk about Mud balls when I'm watching the Tour on TV but i've never experienced it myself. I figured the mud would just fly off at impact and the ball may fall short or go a little off line but Wow was I surprised when I laced what felt like the best hit 3 wood I could hit and the ball started right at the flag then while still climbing about 100 yards of the club it just went dead right. Not a slice or a push I'm talking 90 degrees to the right to never be seen again into the trees. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

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  1. Deno

    I do know the ball turns opposite the mud side but unless I'm playing a tournament, I follow the lift, clean, and place rule before I send my new Titleist ball into the abyss. Honestly don't know when that rule was adopted but if it's good enough for the Tour it's good enough for me.
  2. Sam K

    I have a mean slice at times. From now on I will claim mud was on the ball. I am always looking for a good excuse! haha. This weekend it was my allergies. My wife showed no mercy, regardless.

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