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Sweet! It finally happened!


Check out this package that came yesterday. It was like Christmas morning. When I opened it, a brand new Team Titleist bag tag was enclosed! Could not be happier, and will display it with pride!

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    that awesome!!! Now let's see it on your golf bag
  2. MMaingre

    Dear ScottyC50,
    You are a lucky man. I am sure your bag will look great with this tag.
    Waiting for mine :-)
    And don t forget to advertise it on social media #TeamTitleist
  3. Chuck Z

    Good things happen to good people. Congratulations. Wear it on your bag with pride as the rest of us do. Cheers, Chuck............
  4. harry h

    Yes I so am proud of mine titleist is the best at all areas of service.
  5. augusto r

  6. richard f

    Wow that's awesome, only slightly jealous lol
  7. Joe D

    Congratulations show it off proudly on your bag.
  8. Deno

    Be proud of that tag Scotty......Titleist staff is full of surprises when you least expect it.

  9. augusto r

  10. Jack H

    Sweet!! Congratulations! Enjoy it! Love mine!
  11. John B

    Sweet! I remember when I got my last TT gift (a lanyard). It is always fun to get that package.

    Looking forward to my next delivery which should be here soon - 30 dozen Pro Vs for my HS golf team that I coach. I love the excitement of the boys when I start handing out those shiny boxes and they see "SPARTANS" in green ink on every ball!
  12. ScottyC50

    If you look, I uploaded a picture of it with my Titleist Hole in One Bag Tag as well - a great dynamic duo!
  13. Sam K


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