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Just got this bag tag in the mail yesterday! There are few feelings better than seeing a padded envelope from Acushnet in your mailbox! Thanks to Titleist for doing cool stuff like this to reward loyalty. Proud member of Team Titleist!

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    Nice! Now let's see it on your golf bag!
  2. MMaingre

    Dear William T,
    Great News ! I am sure it will find his space on your bag to show your Team Titleist loyalty.
    Enjoy it.
  3. Brandon C

    It is a great feeling! Display it proudly!
  4. Chuck Z

    Good things happen to good people. Congratulations. Wear it on your bag with pride as the rest of us do. Cheers, Chuck............
  5. David A

    Nice!!! Nothing better then a surprise package from Acushnet/Titleist. I get a lot of compliments on mine and it's a great conversation starter, especially when I am playing as a single. Enjoy!!!
  6. augusto r

    congrats,nice one.
  7. Keith S

    Nice! I keep hoping to receive one. I simply love my new irons and wedges. Game has really picked up over the last month.
  8. Dave D

    Nice! You can also put it on your belt when you go to tournaments. Great conversation starter.
  9. richard f

    Looks really good
  10. Titleist Fan 179

    Congrats. Acushnet is a great company. Im still waiting for mine (hint, hint)
  11. Joe D

    Sweet feeling receiving swag for TT.
    Great looking bag tag.
    Play well.
  12. ALipiska

    Luckyyy! Wear it with pride! Still waiting to get a little surprise in the mail from #TT!! Hopefully soon!
  13. BSpanding

    Congrats with it. i guess it looks smooth on your bag.
  14. Rick D

    I received mine yesterday, too!
  15. Zack Snowdon

    I'm new to team titleist and I'm wondering how to get things from team titleist to show my loyalty
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