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What's the most important club(s) in your bag?

george t

Going through the hypothetical exercise of how I'm going to spend my pro shop credit and I wonder how others prioritize the importance of the clubs in their bag. Of course, with only 14 allowed, they're all pretty darn important.

In my current situation, it looks like I could: Upgrade my 913D3 to a 917 Look to replace my 2003 Futura to the latest Futura options. Swap out my beaten up SM4 56* and 60* for SM6 and replace my worn stand bag.

Given the current state of my game, I think that a properly fit putter would possibly subtract the most strokes from my game, but they're all viable upgrades.

Where would you guys prioritize your upgrades?

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  1. Barry B

    I personally would start with: 1/2) new putter 2/1) new wedges 3) new driver....1 & 2 are interchangeable in my mind, but I guess it depends on how you are putting and hitting your wedges.
  2. Jason C

    I would definitely start with putter, I picked up a new Futura 6m DB this summer and it has saved me a ton of strokes. Secondly definitely look at upgrading those wedges, I also picked up a couple of SM6's and they are the best wedges I've ever played. I have confidence to attack the flag because I know that I am going to stop the ball. I was in the same place you were, except all of my stuff was almost 20 years old so I ended up replacing everything. Made for an expensive couple of days, but I am one happy guy now.
  3. MMaingre

    Hi George t,

    For me definitely without hesitation it s the putter first.
    It s the club we are using the most on the course.
    So it should be the most important to get fit for!
    I love mine, Scotty Cameron of course, and I feel really confident with it.
    Hope this help.
  4. Chuck Z

    I do not see any upgrade needs at this time. Last year I upgraded my hybrids, fairway, Driver, 52* 716AP1 wedge, plus a SM6 56.10* wedge, in that order. Am considering trying the new AP3 irons and 818h1 hybrids.
  5. Gary D

    Putter, Driver, wedges in that order.
  6. Dr. Kovatchian

    Putter And Wedges...
    I practice putting and the short game the most.
    My putter and wedges are most valuable to my game.
    Having the best equipment and good skills on and around the green make up for errant shots. I would upgrade in this order...Putter...Wedges...Driver.

    Dr. K

    My go to club is my 816 H1 hybrid, gets me out of trouble after a duff tee shot. I can play it in various grass conditions, and it's great for those shots low running onto a green. I play on a links course most of the time so it's perfect for me. Can't wait to try the new 818 hybrids when they come on the market. I also recently changed my putter to a Scotty and I am making a marked difference in my control of putts now.
  8. Titleist_AU_Fan

    Agree that putter is likely the most important (unless you feel like you're rolling it really well with your current Futura). I replace wedges most often b/c of grooves and that they are a scoring club.
  9. augusto r

    honestly,i would replace the whole set.
  10. Rick D

    I think it depends on where you think you need the most help. If you aren't hitting fairways, a properly fit driver would be a huge help. If you're hitting fairways, but can't hit irons close enough to score, maybe the wedges. If you're hitting fairways and greens, but can't sink putts, a putter is the call.

    For me, my iron game is killing me. I'm looking forward to the new lineup and a Titleist Thursday fitting next spring.
  11. Todd T

    Putter... It's the greatest equalizer... Next is the 3wood and hybrid, getting hime in two offers bride insurance points!
  12. Steve S

    The putter is the most used club in the bag. You are on the right track.
  13. Travis W

    Wedges. The putter can't be that worn out to need replacing, but SM4 wedges as you said are beat up. Go with wedges.
  14. Chris A

    This past weekend it was my Vokey 48 wedge was the most important club in my bag. I relay on my wedges and putter more than any other clubs in my bag.
  15. Joshua B looking and used most in a round (hopefully not too much). Drive for dough?c'mon man! Chip for dough? Please! PUTT FOR DOUGH...THERE WE GO
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