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Torn Bicep

Carl T

I can add another golf injury to a long list over the years. I ruptured the long head tendon of my bicep 9 days ago on the driving range. My ortho doctor said it was a non surgical issue at my age and I could start playing again at the end of this week. Anybody else suffer this injury and how long was it before you started playing again ?

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  1. Greg D

    This is not a serious injury luckily. Happened to my father a couple years ago and he has no lingering effects. Could likely play within a couple of weeks. Its all based on your pain tolerance. You won't make anything worse. Good luck!
  2. RJohnson

    I have a torn bicep and torn labrum, and I play all the time. The nice part is its on my right (right handed) shoulder, which does not affect my swing. There are some things it limits me on, lifting or holding objects, but my golf swing is ok. Eventually I will need surgery, but the ortho says if i am not in pain all the time, its not worth it.
  3. Kevin N

    My brother tore his but it required surgery. I believe his took 6 months from the day he tore it until he was back to hitting balls again. He was back to scratch pretty soon after. I tore the top 2 tendons in my shoulder and partially tore the rotator. My surgeon had me do PT for 6 months to try to get it healed and then ended up doing surgery and another 6 months until I could touch a golf club. It was so bad I could not lift a glass of water to my lips with my right, dominant hand. My first day of freedom I hit the course 30 minutes after he released me and ended up shooting even. Hope it heals up quick and you are back on the course soon Carl.

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