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Back on The Golf Course

Frank P

At 9:01 this morning, 17 weeks to the day after getting hip replacement surgery, I stepped up to the 1st tee on the Dye Course here at PGA Golf Club with my 913 D2 and sent my PRO V1 down the left side of the fairway. Man, it felt great. Played 9 holes and everything felt great. Will continue to play 9 holes 3 days a week for 2 weeks, hit balls in between, then turn it loose for 18 holes

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  1. kevin g

    Frank congratulations I had my THR done last November and I was playing golf in March enjoy the ride I know you feel like a new person on the course I am so happy for you
  2. Barry B

    Congrats on getting back out on the course and having everything feel great!!
  3. Deno

    Well done Frank.
  4. Sam K

    Outstanding! So happy for you Frank! Here's to many more healthy years of golf for you my friend!!!
  5. Kevin N

    Way to go Frank!!! I hope that the recovery keeps well and keep posting as it inspires those of us that are looking forward to titanium replacements for more than our woods.
  6. RJohnson

    Good for you!
  7. Dwayne N

    Good for I wish you the best of luck and a full recovery
  8. Joshua B

    Awesome to hear your patience and perseverance. Golf is so much more than a leisurely activity. I hope you feel good and play well!
  9. TUrreta

    Good on ya!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you keep making fantastic progress!
  10. Andrew A

    Welcome back! Stay healthy!
  11. Dr. Kovatchian

    Great News Frank!!!
    I'm hoping to get my cast off today from breaking my ankle.
    6 Weeks from breaking it and really missing walking.
    Keep hitting them straight...I hope to be back chipping and putting in a few weeks!

    Dr. K
  12. Barry S

    Good for you! A friend of mine has had both hips replaced within a couple of years of each other and has never felt better.
  13. Gabriel G

    Happy for you Frank! Really.
  14. Jim D

    Congratulations Frank!
  15. Bobby S

    Congrats! I had meniscus surgery this year and still not back to single digits so, be patient with yourself!
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