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Love To See Titleist Publish a Coffee Table Book. "The Evolution of Titleist"

Kevin B

As an avid golfer and reader of books, especially anything golf, I was thinking wouldn't it be wonderful to see Titleist produce a beautiful coffee table book on the Evolution of Titleist.

I know it's online and much of the history is contained within the framework of this site, but there's nothing like a beautiful book, with extraordinary photos and stories that break down the entire company and the history from all aspects, ball, clubs, championships and all the pro's over the years who've embraced all things Titleist.

A historical look back and a presentation how this exceptional company named Titleist changed golf in many ways and how it that evolved with an amateur golfer and his rubber company!

I'd reserve my copy tonight if they produced this! Be the best selling book on golf ever IMO.

Just my two cents.


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  1. brian b

    I'd definitely buy one!
  2. Dennis B

    I agree 100%. I think it would be interesting to see how Titleist has grown. The players, the equipment.
  3. Titleist Fan 179

    Would be great to read up on some history that the younger generation doesnt know about.
  4. Rob_Roth1

    have you checked out the golfers journal? Maybe they can work with them on it?
  5. TUrreta

    I'm in. Reserve my copy please.
  6. TUrreta

    I'm in - reserve my copy!
  7. Brian D

    Make sure to check out this link in case you might have missed it. Loved the entire article, and as a matter of fact, I printed a color copy and had it bound to keep in our Sun room.

    Great idea about a book overall...I like it
  8. harry h

    Yes I too would be very interested as well another company put out one on its history and a friend of mine who plays their clubs bought a book 100 bucks I looked thru it and it looked well done on their history and its owner
  9. Steve S

    Great idea Kevin!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  10. Jim K

    That's really a good idea.
  11. Greg D

    That sounds really cool!
  12. Jason C

    Would be at the top of my Christmas list, great idea!
  13. MMaingre

    Kevin B,
    I definitely agree with you.
    If a book like this, with Titleist history and pictures with the evolution of the clubs, golf balls, etc.... should come out, i will buy one straight away.
    maybe a great commercial idea for TT to look for.
  14. Scott Golightly

    As a Scotty Cameron Club member I just received my 1st edition Golfers Journal... Not 100% Titleist geared but is going to serve as a coffee table book for sure.
  15. Mike L

    I'd love to see that book!

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