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Sciatica issues

Dave N

So this has plagued me for awhile ,threw my game (driver wise) into the toilet. Finally found some stretches that relieve the problem. My driver mojo is back . Anyone else been there?

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  1. Greg L

    Herniated disc in lower lumbar. What stretches are you doing?
  2. Tyler K

    Can you share the stretches? Thanks
  3. richard f

    I've suffered with siatica for years and yes it does affect your swing , I found doing a lot of stretching and plenty of stomach workouts, really helped and also gave me a stronger core to rotate from
  4. Don O

    My employment includes long stretches in a desk. Over the years I've had issues with lower back pain/spasms. For golf, I've worked with a TPI instructor over the last year to improve my flexibility. At 67 I'm driving as far as I ever have and more importantly, I have more leg/hip mobility and my back hasn't felt this good in 15 years. Golf fitness and life can go hand in hand. Congrats on improving your sciatica, fortunately my pain never spread down my legs.
  5. James G

    Hi Dave.
    I've been a chiropractor for 20 years and have seen 1000's of sciatica cases. Have a very large population of my practice that are golfers, so its something we see so often.
    First of all find a good chiropractor and get a good evaluation and examination. Choose one who does active release and in addition to adjustments laser therapy. A TPI certified Chiropractor will be great for anyone with sciatica.
    Start icing your sore area every day (15 min at a time, 3 times) to decrease inflammation and over stretching can make it worse.
    Get this back under control and my best wishes for you to get back on the links soon.
    all the best.
  6. Dave N

    So this is what I do, lay flat on your stomach arms to your sides and lift each leg off the ground with toes pointed out. Lift the leg when and where it hurts and hold it. Within 5 seconds the pain will go away. Do this 4-5 times with each leg a few times a day. You will get to a point where you will have to lift your leg higher to find the pain point, this means you are stretching it good.
  7. Jason C

    My sciatica gives me problems quite often, and yes it effects my game horribly. So much pain when you swing, and forget about trying to pick the ball up out of the hole. I would love to know what stretches you are doing. And I'm thrilled to hear success stories.
  8. John G

    Sciatica comes from lumbar nerve roots and spinal discs. I'm a TPI chiropractor in Oakland, NJ. I help golfers with sciatica every day. What do you want to know?
  9. Jason C

    I see my chiropractor on a regular basis to keep mine in check, but what are some stretches and exercises I can be doing to keep this from flaring up?
  10. TonyF

    For most of my working life as a Fireman, I had minor back problems. Then worked hard on strengthening my 'Core'. Planks, 2-3 core specific machines at the gym and 3-4 times a week using TRX Straps. Magically, no more back problem. Chiropractic rarely works for me.

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