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What's Your Secret Weapon In The Bag?


As of late, I have noticed what tinkering with your bag can do for your game and feel that that club I've added to the bag has become my secret weapon to taking on courses with almost the greatest of ease. I love my 917 F3 and it's trusty and have even used it more than the driver. However, the secret weapon replaced my 915 Hd Hybrid and I feel I can hit it from anywhere and any shot I want. The 716 T-MB 3 iron is one bad-to-the-bone club! I've carried a 3 iron before but this club is a game changer. What's your secret weapon?

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  1. Sam K

    Lance crackers and a PBR! Game changer.
  2. Chris A

    Here lately I would say it's my Vokey 52 degree wedge. I've shaved 7 strokes off ib may last three rounds. I've got Vokey's across the broad, but there's something about the 52 that just gets the job done.
  3. BK

    My Cameron putter for sure. Makes up for all kinds of mistakes on the course for me.
  4. Todd T

    My Cameron 3X Black Beached 009.. Putter is the great equalizer!
  5. Deno Pro V1s
  6. george t

    Unfortunately, my game is in the state where some facet is always off. If I'm putting well, no GIR, if I'm driving it well and hitting greens, can't putt. So to say I have a secret weapon is a stretch, especially if a distraction and an eraser don't count!!

    But all that said, my 915F 18* is a beast off the tee! My home course has two tight driving holes where my strategy has been to tee off with a club that even if I miss the fairway, I won't be OB. Given that sense of confidence, I've been striping this 5 wood. My game is much better when I'm hitting wedges into a green as opposed to 6 irons.
  7. Bruce S

    My putter!
  8. Steve S

    It's got to be my 915 D2 driver. Love my 716Ap1s too. Have to get my hands on a Scotty. Someday!!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  9. david s

    My Scotty Cameron, a customised Newport II Studio Select, one of several Scotty's I own, this one made it back into my bag a few months ago and on current performance its staying there.
  10. Liv2Golf

    Lately I have found that I have two secret weapons in my bag. My 915D3 and my Scotty Oil Can Classic Newport. My fairway percentage hasn't really changed, but my misses have been good misses. I changed my putter earlier this year from a Scotty Select Newport 2, to my current gamer. I am a feel putter so the lack of alignment actually helps me. In addition, the smaller face milling gives me better feedback so my pace on the greens is money.
  11. JAM

    My 915 D2, 9.5, set at 8.75! I never thought I would pull my 910 D2, 10.5, out of the bag, but the 915 is even more accurate.
  12. Deal J

    My 915 f 16.5 has really helped till the gap not only on long par 5 but off of tight drives. I've never had much luck with 3woods until I picked this one up . I'm waiting on my new/used 915d2 to get here. I'm just an average guy who loves the game.
  13. Scott L

    Cameron and crown Newport. I'm short...
  14. michael b

    I have to agree. I also recently added the 716 T-MB 3 for short par 4's resulting in many more birdie putts after hitting the middle of the fairway.
  15. augusto r

    My titleist 50,56,60 wedges and my Scotty Cameron X7 putter

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