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Dave N

So I just got my power restored,5 days in the dark and no water to bath with or toilets that worked. It felt like forever. I have a deeper understanding of the devastation that happened in Texas. It sucks. I urge anybody that if you have a chance to pay it forward to do so. You never know know it might happen to you. The stuff I lost can be replaced . Go forth and hit um straight.

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  1. Steve S

    Glad to hear things are looking up for you Dave. I went through Sandy here at the Jersey Shore few years ago. I feel your pain.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  2. Kevin N

    I hope that your losses were minimal Dave and our prayers go out to you and all that have been impacted by both hurricanes. I am glad that you and yours are alive and ok and will continue to keep you guys in our thoughts. Play well when you get a chance to get back to it my friend.
  3. tony k

    Agreed! Just got in from helping a neighbor and golf buddy, cut up some trees in his yard. We got very lucky. Just a big mess in our yard. Looking forward to some golf this weekend after such a tense and drama filled past weekend. Best to all the hurricane victims.
  4. Chuck Z

    Glad you are back up and running. Know your pain. We went thru Hugo after we moved to Charleston, not understanding the power of a Hurricane and rode it out. We had no power or water for thirteen days. It gives you a greater appreciation for life and what really matters. I learned how to operate a chain saw and that a lot of things could be cooked on a charcoal grill and stored in a frig that has dry ice in it. Neighbors truly become neighbors during disasters. Sharing becomes part of survival. Fortunately, this time Charleston or I should say Mount Pleasant missed another disaster. Thoughts out to everyone in Florida and Texas (where my daughter lives).
  5. Edward K

    Well Dave, living in Tampa, I can relate. I have guys that work for me that still don't have power. The St. Pete area has been slow to recover. Spending 4 years at Fort Bragg, mostly in the field, I learned to adapt to having few luxuries. Cold showers, cold food, etc. Air conditioning is NICE!
  6. TAustell


    Great message for the TT crew members. It has been humbling to watch both Texas and Florida get socked by these two storms. Hoping the best for the recovery of you and your neighbors. This certainly reaffirms for all of us what is really important in life.
  7. Rob_Roth1

    Glad your ok and safe: I had a simiar experience with Hurricane Sandy in Hoboken.

    There is definitely a time to come together as Americans and help each of us in need. Give what you can to help.
  8. RJohnson

    Sorry for the struggles, but at least you came out ok.
  9. jim k

    i know your pain my friend. we are going on day 8 of no power. thankfully we have a generator to power the basics. can't wait till we get out A/C again but when i think of the poeple who lost everything my problems are nothing. as a TT member i challenge all of you out there also to pay it forward and help your fellow person. As Dave N. says above you never know when YOU need it. a kind gesture or just that little thing you do for someone may make your day. The problems or issues you have may not be as big as you think............. my purchase of new AP3s have been put on hold for now but once we have recovered fully i can't wait !!!!!
  10. Frank P

    Glad that you are ok and your house is up and running again. I live in Port St. Lucie at PGA Verano and we were very lucky compared to many others. Really just some trees blown over. We never lost power, I guess because we have underground electric lines and they also say that we are tied into the grid that supplies Tradition Medical Center. We also didn't suffer flooding as the drainage infrastructure did its job. We have Impact glass in the windows, which enabled us to see Irma's wrath from start to finish. The wind was wicked and the rain was coming down about 90 degrees sideways. About 10 miles north in Ft. Pierce, they got hit really bad with flooding and tornadoes. We donated all of our canned food and bags of ice that we had stocked up on in case we lost power, to those that lost power. Some don't have it restored yet.
  11. Dave N

    Edward K. my son and his family lives in Wesley Chapel, hope all is well. A small glimmer is the Bucs won today. To all that have gone trough this type of fiasco god bless.

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