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For real? 8 stroke penalty?


Not sure if anyone heard about this over the weekend, but ProV1x loyalist Ben Crane took an 8 stroke penalty for having two clubs with "shot-sticker" decals in his bag. FOR REAL?!?! Is this really a rule?? How can a STICKER improve your game while playing?!?!

I couldn't believe this... Maybe I need to spend some time with the rule book....

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  1. Sam K

    8 strokes??? Wow
  2. Tim Tiger

    Alignment aid is all I can think of. They were on the club were they not.

    They know the rules and the caddie should be aware of any changes to equip.

  3. Don O

    Unlike my local games with $5 on the line, the rules are more precisely followed with 10's of thousands on the line for a single stroke (ask Phil how much 1 stroke cost him at the BMW). Even in my most sympathetic moments, Lexi still deserved a 2 stroke penalty for ball placement. Note it was not an 8 stroke penalty. He knew the 6I also had a sticker but didn't report that with the initial report. That resulted in the DQ. Just part of being in the big show.
  4. Bigdougie71

    Tim , Not sure on that as we as a rule use a line on the ball to assist with allignment in putting , thing it was white dots on the club to allow the machines during practice to pick up the spin etc , not sure how this would help on the course though, still * Shots........Wonder how much that cost him ????
  5. 19hole

    The stickers were deemed to be a modification from how the clubs were manufactured. The rule is very vague as it covers simple stickers used so that the club will be picked up by a launch monitor (Ben's violation) to something that would actually change how the club performs. Think of Sergio bending the shaft on his putter by slamming it on the ground or someone changing the Sure-Fit hosel setting during a round.

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