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Nice little package arrived!


Went home this afternoon from work and what happened to show up? A TT bag tag and a Titleist junior golf hat!

Thanks Titleist as we both appreciate it and my daughter is ready for the course!

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  1. Chuck Z

    Hey Rob, good things happen when you are active. Keep up the great posts. And thanks for posting the pictures. A nice way to say thank you. Cheers, Chuck.
  2. Brian D

    First of all, Team Titleist is #1 in Consumer Recognition....PERIOD!! according to Mr. too!

    Is that the same little girl in the avatar and in the picture? Wow did she grow up fast....

    Congrats on the package...well deserved and another validation of how good Titleist is to their fans too!
  3. Ryan M

    cool stuff.
  4. RJohnson

    Titleist treats their consumers better than anyone in my opinion. That is part of the reason I have 100% Titleist in my bag, and the great performance.
  5. Rob_Roth1

    Yup that is. They do grow up very quickly and huge differences in just 6 months!
  6. augusto r

  7. Kenneth C

    very cool!
  8. Dave N

    Congrats on the score.
  9. David M

    That is awesome! I had to take off my metal TT bag tag....kept worrying I would lose it!
  10. Todd T

  11. JKissoon

    Nice! Cute little girl as well.

    Only thing I've received so far was the TT bag tag. I like it and have it on my bag.
  12. Rob_Roth1

    As you can see my daughter is a big Titleist fan!
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  13. Dr. Kovatchian


    Dr. K
  14. Steve S

    Loved the post Rob, thanks.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  15. Scott L

    Good for you!
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