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My new golfing buddy


This is a picture of my son, Abram (future Team Titleist member). I had the opportunity to take him golfing with me earlier this summer and we had a blast. Course rules state you have to be 5 to be on the course, but I pulled some strings and he got to ride in the cart with me (he was 20 months at the time). :)

He made it through all 18 holes without a complaint. Tending the flag, picking up the balls, and of course driving the cart were the things he enjoyed. Can't wait until he's old enough to play alongside me.

He also needs to have his golf ball in morning on his way to daycare which makes me smile. Currently a orange x'd out top flight. But I'll change it to a titleist soon enough. :)

Happy Friday to all Team Titleist members out there.

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  1. RJohnson

    Looks good! Can't start them off too young. Need to get that boy a Titleist hat. :)

    Oh don't worry, he either steals one of mine, or he uses the Titleist hat I bought him this summer. it's a little big, but he doesn't care. lol.
  3. Sam K

    Outstanding! What a blessing.
  4. Steve S

    That boy needs some TT swag. At least a hat. You have a golf buddy for life! Congrats!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  5. Forrest D

    That is fantastic! I can't wait to start playing with my son. His favorite thing to do is mess around in the putter section of Dick's rolling balls across the green.

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