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Wish more players were like JT


Not sure how many of you heard JT's press conference but this caught my eyes more than anything.. I really hope he means this, a lot of players, especially the TOP players in the world should listen to this. Yes money is nice BUT it's not everything....

Someone asked him about the 10 million.. LOVED his response.. Stay true JT...

"It's like I'm going to be fine financially for my life, I plan on winning a lot of golf tournaments in my career, and if you play out here for the money, I don't think you play for the right reasons. I've never wanted to do anything in my career for that reason. It's a tremendous bonus. I guess a nice cushion you could say. It's fun to have because yeah, obviously, who doesn't like it, but I work hard and I put all this preparation in and I'm competitive because I like winning and I like trophies and I like being in the history books and I like having my name on trophies that not many people's are on. It's not the money. The money is just a nice bonus that comes with it."

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  1. Brian D

    Glad you picked that up as well. I'm sure he's worked very hard to get where he is, he certainly had the right mentors with both his Dad and Grandfather being PGA Professionals.
    There is certainly something different when you are young and have the opportunity to be around adults on a golf course. You learn so many great things and certainly some that are ones you would never want to repeat, but I guess that is the experiences gained being around a golf course.
    He really does seem to love the game and his close friends. I know I get a statement at the end of each month....Still no one picking up my golf tab, but what I love most is being around friends you want to have a good time with, be competitive with your own game, and most of all cheering on your friends to play even better..

    Great topic Speedy
  2. Tim Tiger

    Great post Speedy. Love how he stays true to his roots. Kind of has an old soul.
    Plus his game can only get better. The list of goals he posted was priceless. Everyone should do some sort of goal list.

    Only thing on Speedys list is keeping $5

  3. Rob_Roth1

    Rory talked about something similar on the No Laying Up podcast as it's about legacy and wins and not $$$

    JT and Rory are great stars for the game of golf
  4. Chuck Z

    Impressed me that he was there to congratulation Xavier when he had won on Sunday as he walked off the green. Very rarely do you see that from someone who is not in your group. This kid is the real thing and a class act, a gentleman golfer.
  5. Rich T

    I really enjoyed his commentary. Not just after this win but we got to see this from him over the course of this year. I found myself giving him a little golf clap after this one. It's great when you hear someone with their head (seemingly) on straight and with the perspective he has. Bravo, JT! May you have many more wins and trophies...with a little of that side pocket change too.
  6. No'l

    Wow that's excellent. I've had a very good feeling about that kid since. No, I didn't catch that on the show- I've been preoccupied and overwhelmed. But thank you for posting. This is great!
  7. AMoss

    Great post! As a lover of sport, it's just brilliant to hear a professional strive for greatness not cash.
    Could I play devils advocate and say some of potentially the best players ever have started off titleist players, but then went chasing the money using inferior equipment? Just a thought
  8. richard f

    Well said !!
  9. Scott Golightly

    A really amicable display of drive and civility. Also loved Schauffele admitting that the whole experience was such a dream come true, and that he had nothing to lose, by going out and giving it his best shot.

    It's really cool to watch this generation/class of golf champions approach the game with so much passion and success, while still being characters that future generations can look up to.
  10. Scott D

    What I liked during his press conference is how grounded he seems. When his grandfather telephoned him and he excused himself spoke a few minutes this his grandfather. There was a genuine joy in speaking to his grandfather, a small thing but shows that he does care for family.

    He had a great season and a deserving champion. Heres hoping for many more wins for him as he is exciting to watch.
  11. Deno

    Great role model for young High School and college players. Classy young man. Golf is in a good hands with these young stars.

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