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Who should I buy new Titleist clubs from?

Sam K

Greetings TT, I hope that this posting finds each of you well! I was hoping for some perspective on this topic, as I will be changing over my bag to exclusively Titleist clubs; following my Oct 12 "Titleist Thursday" fitting.

In your experience, what is the best way to go about ordering Titleist clubs? Do prices vary from provider to provider? Do options vary? Would there be any benefit to going with any specific providers? I have been intending to go through the course I play most regularly, but I am wanting to ensure that I push for the best scenario possible. Thank you for your kind advice! Hope that each of you have a great week!

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  1. david s

    Hi Samuel,
    my experience with the Titleist Thursday fittings I had in the UK, they were free and no obligation to purchase at the venue of the club fitting.
    On both occasions the fitter sent me an email with the specs of the driver and the irons, with that you can make your purchase from any retailer of your choice.
    Prices do vary from retailer to retailer, you might find a better deal if you're willing to shop around, although discount is less likely on recently launched models as most will sell near the targeted retail price.
    Where ever you select, they are likely to pass on the specs to Titleist who will make the clubs up to order (unless you fall into the standard size) and you can expect them to be delivered in around 10 days.
    The professional at the club I play is not the most competitive when it comes to selling equipment and looks to sell it all at RRP. I've saved around 10 - 15% on Titleist products by purchasing them for another local Titleist Retailer.
    I did purchase my driver from him and managed to get him to match on online offer to include half a dozen Pro V1s with my purchase.
    It's your choice where you purchase, I recommend you use a listed Titleist retailer as you're likely to get better support if you have any potential warranty issues.
    Hope this helps, good luck with your fitting and let me know how you get on.
  2. Chris T

    If you can find a Titleist Thursday location near you, I would do that. Hands down better than going to a Golf Galaxy or something like that. I did 2 Titleist Thursday events, which are private and free, and made the decision on ordering the new 718 CBs.

    If you go to the “Club Fitting” section under discussions... you will see my experience with Titleist Thursday. Was awesome and would recommend to anyone!
  3. Scott D

    Hi Samuel, I purchase my Titleist products from the course that I play all the time. Mind you it is a Titleist distributor but they will match the price of any big box retailer. As well by purchasing the products from the course I find that if I have a problem they are more than willing to contact the Titleist rep and service is exceptional both from the Course and Titleists. Mind you Titleist service is all ways top drawer!
  4. Don O

    Each pro shop sets it's own pricing (unlike retailers that have a negotiated set price). Some flexibility is usually offered to those that in some way are connected. If your local club offers a discount to you that is at or below that advertised at big box locations, you won't do much better anywhere else, and you have someone local to go to if you need a warranty claim. It pays to shop, but service is a factor as well.
  5. B.A.

    Order from the place that held your Titleist Thursday event.
  6. Dino J

    Hi Samuel ... congrats on making the decision to upgrade your bag to Titleist equipment. You should have many enjoyable rounds for years to come!

    My thoughts, for what it is worth, you have completed a Titleist Thursday fitting and have specs for your clubs. I trust that you were able to try many different shafts, options, etc. and have it all completed with the assistance of a Trackman.

    So, if you have a good relationship with your local pro/pro shop and they are authorized Titleist retailers, then feel free to proceed with them. Prices are set by Titleist so there is no "deal" to be had elsewhere ... and if you happen to come across one, then be sceptical as that seems to be one of the ways that counterfeiters attract "business". Further, they can all order from the same "book" in regards to options, shafts, etc.

    Secondly, it allows you to establish and build a good relationship with your pro shop whereby they get to know you on a first name basis and know that you have supported them with your purchase. It also means that you typically get great support and assistance from them and Titleist itself should you need service on your clubs, etc. I find that it is much harder to establish these types of relationships with retail box stores as they tend to work on more volume and have changing personnel.

    Best wishes in your latest chapter in golf! It would be great if you also could share some of your experiences on this too ... perhaps share with us what equipment you decided to proceed with, etc. All the best Samuel!

  7. chris M

    I have been fitted by a local pro I trust. I would speak to the person fitting you before hand to gauge an idea on his prices.

    I would have thought if you are going full bag he will be able to beat the major retailers quite easily
  8. Steve S

    Hello Samuel K. I went to a OF A Super Store last Feb. I felt like the guy at the Titleist monitor took about an hour and a half to fit me with irons. I felt he did a great job. I wasn't rushed, he answered all questions. When I left, I felt totally satisfied that I had gone to the right place. Hope you make out as well. I love my AP1s.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  9. Dave N

    Probably the place that will stand behind the sale and go to bat for you if you need it. Just my 2 cents.
  10. John T

    I would think that the people running the Titleist Thursday event would be able to help you further with this, but you would have to order them through an authorized fitter or shop that has a Titleist account. Prices are set by Titleist and would tend to be the same everywhere. If your course has a pro shop and has a Titleist account, that would probably be the best way to go!
  11. Thomas C

    Samuel, I paid for a fitting session with a Titleist pro at Augusta CC years ago to determine what club and shaft combination were best for me. That experience was invaluable and worth every penny! I then ordered the custom set online from TGW. While I was more than willing to pay for the expertise of the club pro (and the clubs were the same price) I saved quite a bit on the sales tax and shipping from the online retailer.
  12. Kenneth C

    I bought through the course, where I have a membership. They take great care of their members. Prices may vary, but, the options should remain standard - Titleist. If you are intending to go through the course you play most regularly, talk to them, it doesn't hurt to ask if there are any incentives/benefits to purchasing from them.
  13. JReeter

    Get your fitting, have your fitter place your order through your favorite shop that is a authorized Titleist dealer and they should be able to give you a price break, that is if they like you!
  14. Rob_Roth1

    I go with discount dans as there prices are great and the service is fantastic!
  15. 19hole

    Prices vary from retailer to retailer. Build a relationship with your club pro, he/she can offer the same pricing (or better!) as the big box retailers and provide you much better service.

    Every retailer has the same options available from Titleist, some just don't want to order anything but stock product.

    Support your local PGA Professional, they really do appreciate it!
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