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Have you ever played in the dark?

Rick D

We have a two man, best ball match play tourney at our club. Yesterday at 3:00 pm my partner and I teed off in the semi-final match. Even up on the 200 yard, par 3, 17th, we could barely see the directions of the tee shots ball flight. Putting out on 16 it was already impossible to accurately read the green. We push on the hole and I tell the others there's no way we can play the 18th. A discussion follows and we head to the tee under my objections. The only clue to where the tee balls went was by feel. Could not see the ball at all. I thought I hit it failry well. Sure enough, middle of fairway. Unbelievably, we found all 4. Second shots? Who knows? I toed mine, no idea where it went, but it ended up below a front, middle flag. We lost one ball with 6 people looking with flashlights. "this is nuts" is what I was thinking the entire time. I just missed my birdie putt and pushed the hole to a 5 for net 4, as I had to give a stroke. Now we're working on scheduling our sudden death playoff.

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  1. Bob T

    I play in an evening league and this time of year the sun sets at 6.30 pm. So when the dark hits,we try to make sure to try to play the safest shots to find the ball if possible!!!

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