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Blended AP3/AP2 and updating your profile

Matt I

Went through the fitting yesterday and ordered the clubs this AM. Based on how easy they are to hit Titleist may need to add the option of “AP2/3 Blended” for profile updating.

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  1. Robert J

    I agree, I got the blended set. Has been great so far.
  2. Sam R

    It seems a lot of people are going down this route, I've so far only hit the 7 iron in each and not being someone who has issues getting it airborne the AP3 just ballooned more and I gained no distance at all.

    Waiting to try a full demo set of each to see if it's worth going for the 3 and 4 iron in AP3, but speaking with my pro he said I could end up with a large gap from the 5 (AP2) to 4 (AP3) which off my handicap (5) wouldn't be a great idea.
  3. Matt I

    I picked up the AP3 3i to use more of a driving iron. I am 1.5 clubs longer in the AP2. Than my current set. I have tried two different sets since my MP33s they just did not feel right. Now the grooves are completely gone in the 6-people so I did not have much choice for a new set. I had the 5i kicked one degree strong for a 4 degree gap from the 4-pw.

    Depending on where I am playing the 4 may come out and another wedge or so. I am hoping to cut a few points off the handicap. I think a full stroke may be wishful thinking, I would be happy for a mid 4 index.

    When I hit the AP3 long irons they did not fly much higher than the AP2 but there was a little difference. I really liked the short irons and how easy they were to keep the ball down (of course new grooves help).

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