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We are golfers !!

richard f

Awesome by team titleist #

"I started working at Titleist in 1965. My sister worked here and I knew it was a good place to work, but I was scared when I first started because I wanted to do a good job for the company. I've always liked working here because I have fun and thought of the people who work here as family. I like working here so much that I have almost never missed work. I have even come to work in snowstorms when work was cancelled, but I didn't realize it before getting to the Plant. In the blizzard of '78, I walked to work and I think I frightened the guard because I had flashlights on my lunch pail and my head for safety and I was covered in snow - I looked like the abominable snowman! I've been here for over 52 years and never want to retire." - Norm M., Titleist golf ball associate #WeAreGolfers

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  1. Chuck Z

    Richard you are truly one of my golf heroes. Congratulations on your longevity with Titleist, because you just do not see that in company loyalty anymore. I did retire in 2011 and started to work with the local FJ sales rep as his Tech Rep in April 2016 at the young age of 69 and I too am having a blast. Here is to the young guns and staying active. Cheers.
  2. TUrreta

    Thank you Norm!!!!!
  3. Steve S

    Great post Richard. My hat off to you sir. Please keep up the good work. Many thanks as well!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  4. Keith M

    Great story. I wish I were that passionate and enjoyed my job that much. To Norm, all I can say is "thank you" for his hard work, dedication. It's people like him that make Titleist such a great company to be a customer of and inspire the kind of loyalty we see here on TT every day.

    Thanks Norm for making the best golf balls in the business. Should I say I'm proud to lose all those Titleists over the years, so you can make more for me?
  5. Deno

    A tip of the hat...Titleist of course, and a saute to Norm!!!!
  6. t

    Hi Norm
    You are the reason I buy Titleist. Quality products are only made by quality people.

  7. Kathy J

    Congrats you make quality products

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