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Best Ever Round, Day I Got 718's

Scott Golightly

I got my 718 AP2's today at 1:30. Got home from class and work at 3, started my first round with the new sticks 3:45. Around 7, I completed my first 18 holes with the new irons after upgrading from 695 CB's... with an all-time personal best, 8 over for 79 with 3 birdies mixed in there, as an 18 handicap (with Dt Trusoft's as well, coming from 2015 Pro V1's). They aren't cure-all's for poor form or inconsistency, and clearly this isnt a proven track record of good scores, but they're beautiful and forgiving.

Just want to thank Titleist for the quality of their products, and urge anyone on the fence to go ahead and upgrade, and trust that what you receive will be well worth the investment.

Couldn't be more happy or proud to be a Titleist loyalist.

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  1. MB

    That’s awesome congrats!
  2. John O

    I brought my new 718 AP3's home from the "hospital" yesterday. They are beautiful, but it is RAINING today. Oh, well any slack in the weather and I am going to play even if it is only 3 or 4 holes!
  3. Steve S

    Congrats on your round and your new sticks.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  4. Darryl M

    Congrats on the new sticks & a GREAT score.
  5. Jason C

    Congratulations on an awesome round and also on an awesome set of clubs! I hope you have many more rounds like that!
  6. Ryan M

  7. rymail00

    Nice man CONGRATS!!!

    I just received my 718AP2's this week too and they are beautiful, definite improvement over the 716's.
  8. JEvans

    Nice job!
  9. Joseph Lloyd

  10. Sam K

  11. chris b

    Nicely done! I can't wait for my AP3's at the end of the month. 5-pw AP3 & 4-iron T-MB . . . launcher!
  12. Scott Golightly

    Thank you all very much for the nice words. Hope you all are having similar successes! Just waiting on the AP3 5-iron... Can't wait to see how that plays.
  13. Jim D

    Nice work, congratulations!

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