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19th hole makes everything better...


Last Saturday I was invited to my first member-guest at my home course. I'm currently on the waiting list there and could be a few years before I finally become a member. Anyways, one of the members invited me to play in their Fall Classic, 27 holes (9 scrambles, 9 best ball and 9 Pinehurst like alternate shot, we both drive and pick best drive and go from there). Anyways first 18 we played great, could've been better but we did good enough to put us in position to win some dough.. Then the last 9.. Poor decisions and bad judgements, we stunk..

All in all it was a fun day and hope to do it again next year.. BUT the best part of the day was the 19th hole.. I'm easy to get down on myself after a tough round and tend to dwell on it a little too much.. My partner said you need a beer before ya head home.. So, got myself a nice Fat Tire draft and sat down.. For the next 2 hours I never laughed so hard in my life. I was introduced to more members at my home course and just sat there listening to everyone shoot the s**t about their round and previous rounds. Guys making fun of each other, listening about shots that I never thought were possible and they went on and on..

The 19th hole is by far my favorite.. This is ONE big reason why I love golf so much. The people you get to meet is priceless. Whether you're a 45 HCP or a scratch golfer, everyone is treated the same at the end of the day... Love it...


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  1. Rich T

    So true, Speedy. One of the best parts of golf can be what takes place post round.
  2. Tyler H

    Well said Speedy. Sometimes the 19th hole is the beacon in the storm that gets you through the round.

  3. Tim Tiger

    Speedy my friend. We will get you over that dwelling on the past stuff. Always enjoy the after round festivities wether playing well or not so well.

    And you are always welcome at my table buddy.

  4. Dave N

    Speedy you said it well. Maybe someday I can buy you a beer and BS.
  5. Marc S

    Great story Speedy! One I know all to well. But as everyone has said it is nice to sit around and just laugh and enjoy the camaraderie. Friendships are made on the golf course, but definitely reinforced on the 19th hole. Cheers my friend.

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