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Quintin H

2013 quit golf, 7hcp, bag was FTiq 10*, 904f 17*, 585h 17/21*, 4-p louisville golf smart blades, hippo lob wedge 60*, LG putter, ball Maxfli U4X.

2016 played a round in Ohio, shot a cheatin 103, in a wreck busted up pretty bad.

Couple weeks ago played a round here, actual 99, week later 40-55 really happy with the 40. The new Trusoft was the 40 and the old Trusoft was 55.

Last week Monday went to dicks in Lexington, hit T-MB 7i Straight but very high 135, switched to a Titleist driver hitting straight 230, switched to 13.5 fairway hit it once 237, I asked how much......... $320 guess it'll have to wait

Wednesday went out for 9, shot 37, really happy, not using driver.

Put in set of X-20 and cally square fairways. Friday shot 100 left left left so after 9 I was really wanting to go home, I remembered why those clubs were in the back of the closet.

Pulled out set of 990b and some vokeys, bag 907d 9.5, 906f 13*, 904f 17*, 990b 4-p, vokeys 48,54,58

Went out today

Eliminated the 990-p the vokey 48 is better.

Hit driver, good hit, got 225, next hole tee'd 904f 17* hit 235, eliminated driver, the 906f will need further testing.

Shot 92 had a bogey, a double, and a triple because of hitting the ball too far. Putter wasn't working as good but still decent. I wasn't happy with my wedge play.

I have a 983k 8.5* to put in, but I think I'll end up teeing with a fairway, I don't have the power I use to have.

The 990's are doing pretty good, hit longer than my LG blades which doesn't really matter, I tend to push them a bit right I'm guessing because they have rifle 6.5 and the LG blades have dgr300

I have the 15* and 19* 904f's

My buddies only play m-w-f, I think I'll go out tomorrow with some comparison clubs and balls(I bought a sleeve of ProV1 and X) and get the bag sorted out, then get serious about being back next yr.

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    there are a lot of good clubs avail now that can really help your game. While you do your test check out the 915 line.
  2. Dale V

    I'm sure once you settle in on your set where you can put in the time, they will all come around. Welcome back to the game!
  3. Quintin H

    I went out to the practice pitching green today, V1x fell out of pocket in the truck, and I totally forgot to take a sleeve of U4X(which they don't make anymore anyway). So I had ProV1, Trusoft, ZIP, e6(eliminated-last on each type of shot with every club)

    First was up close to the green 10-15y shots, 3 different shots, Trusoft(new) and ZIP were clearly better for my shots with all clubs.

    Moved back another 5-10y, ProV1 starts getting better and trusoft/zip not as good but usable, moved back to about 50y from green, ProV1 clearly best at this range, but this is not a common range for me.

    I was using LG 56, hippo 56,60, Cleveland 56,62, Vokey 54,58
    The 54 and 56's are eliminated, I hit LW good enough out of sand I don't need to carry a SW.........Vokey 54 was best club at 50y out, but at that range and farther I'll use PW. Of the LW's the Vokey 58 is in the lead its better out of sand, the sole slides thru rough better

    Tomorrow I'll take the 3 LW, ProV1 and X, ZIP and Trusoft for on course comparison. Take the 906f 13 to see if it can beat a 904f 17.

  4. Quintin H

    Took the 906f hit twice the first was a push right which lead to a double, second was a push right that lead to a triple, its eliminated.

    Had 8 fairways with the 904f 17*, with one 270y drive.......same hole I used to get 300+y drives, land on the down slope and get plenty roll.

    Twice I went over the top for a pull hook instead of a nice draw starting down the right side, one was clearly ob, the other I didn't bother to go look.

    I've taken out the 17* and put in 904f 15* and 19*

    I had a 185 shot, hit 4i, felt good, looked good, came up short, not enough power for the 4i, I need to put the 585h 21* back in the bag.

    I took a sleeve of proV1x and forgot to use them.

    Had one chip in

    8 fairways, 4 gir, 32 putts, 92

    Irons really need improvement.
  5. mj

    welcome back....lots of good deals out here for last years club (previous version i.e. 716)....
  6. Quintin H

    Dropped the 990b's, rifle 6.5 is just too stiff, put back in the LG blades 4-p( this is the clubs I played getting the 37 in 9 holes)

    Dropped 904f 17* and put in 904f 15* and 19*
    15* is 20y+ longer than the 17* but harder for me to control.

    Put in the 585h 21* and added Bang 24* hybrid

    Using Hippo 60* wedge

    Shot 37 on the front, same as before 2 birdies 3 bogeys but different holes.
    Front wasn't doing as well, got to 16 and missed birdie by a hair, added up score and if I par 17 and 18 I got a 77

    I par 17, step up to 18 tee, ob both left and right, left is closer to fairway and my mistakes are usually I make sure not to miss left

    2 ob right, then I wise up and switch to the 19*, now i'm 200y out in the rough, hit 21* hybrid, put right up next to the right back, hole back center......pitch across green, pitch back then 2 putt for a 9(+5)

    I'm still happy

    6 fairways, 7 gir(much better) 31 putts......82

    I dropped 904f 15/19 put 17 back in.

    Still up in the air on wedges and ball, today I used Prov1 and X and U4x which isn't made anymore. Both birdies came using ProV1.
  7. Quintin H

    I put the 990b's 5-p back in the bag. 904f 17 and 585h 21

    Went 39 on the front, had 2 birdie putts I should've made, tried them again and made them(too bad you don't get second tries). Had a couple more couple inches left or right and short.

    Got to the back and I guess I was just getting tired. I started riding with the guys I was playing with.

    #11 double
    bogey both par 5's
    double on 16
    par 3 17th ...........triple, one in the water, then hit the green and 3 putt from 15ft.
    and a bogey on 18

    46 on the back.

    Overall I'm happy with 85, but it just could have been much better.

    I'm getting pulls and over drawing....not hooks.

    Maybe next year I'll get it back.

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