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Winter ............ugh!!

Dwayne N

Well winter is just around the corner here in KY Saturday night forecast 29*. We play year round here but this year I am dreading more than normal. I am 54 and been playing the best golf of my life been breaking 80 most of the summer for the first time now here comes the brown fairways soft, damp and cold conditions. Makes it hard to stay motivated and even harder to stay in top playing form. How does everyone stay in playing form.

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  1. Steve S

    Hey Dwayne, just like you, bundle up and play. It's better than no golf at all. Frozen greens and fwys. You have to play shots that you might not have in the warmer months. Sometimes 9 holes is the way to go.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  2. Rick D

    At least you have the option of playing all year. Our club closes Nov 6 and with travel today through then I'm done for the year. We set up an indoor range in our bag storage room. At least can get in some swings on a simulator and the club doesn't feel like a foreign object in the spring.

    My last golf is in Nashville tomorrow. Low 40*, high 57*, with a breeze. I had to rethink my clothing options and packed heavier clothes.
  3. Don O

    I'm now in a year-round workout program, so that won't change. What driving ranges in Wisconsin are still open are all mats and will be until late April. Our courses normally close from November 15 - April 1. By Thanksgiving, what golfers are not cross-country or downhill skiers will be using the heated hitting bays. I try to get in a bucket once a week and use a putting mat inside. That leaves finesse shots around greens that need re-tooling in the spring. For sanity, I try to squeeze in a warm area vacation to get in 1-3 rounds between Christmas and Easter.
  4. Steve L

    I'll play as long as it's tolerable. Here in MA when the winter comes, golf ends until the april thaw.
  5. Bob T

    I'm from Western Mass and soon will be time to put away the clubs!! On the other hand. Soon will be time to break out the snow skis!!!!! Then it will be time to look forward for golf next season!!!! What could be better!!!! Both sports keep me in shape for each other!!
  6. Quintin H

    I'm about 2hrs on the other side of e-town.

    I just started back playing, 56yo.

    After I play a rnd in Oh then I'm done for this year.

    Finding a lot of aches and pains I haven't had since 2013.

    If I'm still playing next summer we'll have to get together for a rnd.
  7. Todd T

    Another 100 day here in San Diego.... I thought summer was over!
  8. Hendy

    I'm on this Team. Going to be in the 30's tomorrow (wind chill) and I get a call from a pal of mine asking me to play in the am. I told him I'll have to play my "No F'n Way but thanks for asking" card.

    And as always, you start to finally hone in on your game and it's Cabin Fever time.

    Come on Spring.

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