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Quick Poll: What area of your game are you focused on improving?

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

This is an easy one for me and I'll cast the first vote... putting. My focus right now is getting my average putts per a round down by a couple of shots and also doing a better job at keeping those three putts off the scorecard. What's everyone else working on? Cast your vote and share your comments below.

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  1. Rick D

    Ball striking with the irons has been a problem for me. Made real progress towards season end and looking forward to next year when hopefully swing changes become habit. After that, it's always about putting.
  2. Don O

    Between TPI workouts and fitting equipment to a different me, driver, ball striking, and approach to the green have had most of my attention this year. I've worked on putting for the last 18 months (including LH-RH) although reading greens is still an opportunity for growth. I still need a better tool box for green side rough and bunker shots and especially if there is a lip involved higher than 2 feet.
  3. Speedy

    mental mental mental... Yes, I'm a mental case when it comes to my golf game.. overthinking and getting down on myself.. I need more confidence.. It gets tiring losing $20 every time to Hotsauce... Thank god he lives far away....

    Putting is my second vote...
  4. Kenneth C

    For me, it is actually all of the above, along with conditioning and flexibility.
  5. Jake S

    Mental for sure. I can drive far, strike the ball, hit irons great, decent on the approach maybe a little work, but mental is where it's at. 1.6 handicap but when I am going against someone like at a 5 or 6 I just break down.
  6. Dr. Kovatchian

    Working on some ball striking soon!
    I'm only about 50% strength post Ankle Break...Still in PT.
    Chipping and putting consumes my practice time...all good!

    Dr. K
  7. No'l

    Putting is probably what I should be working on more, but with the aeration from many courses around me, I could only do so much on the rug so I've been working on approaches. One of the range I visit has one of the better assortments of targets with a few different elevations to play onto, not to mention that the bays on the far left and right sides gives me different yardages and carries. These aren't the easier shots for me, because they all play differently in yards although some of them a surprisingly a lot more or less that I think it would have been. Knowing and learning this for myself is/has been a good complement tool in my bag so I'll be at it again... and again. ...and again.
  8. Mike H

    Keeping those 3 puts out of the round will be a huge help for me. So practicing putting for these winter months coming up.
  9. pulplvr

    Putting has been the weakest part of my game for a long time. It seems no matter how much (or how little) I practice I am unable to make much of a change to my stats on the greens. Somedays it is just very frustrating, missing what should be tap-ins repeatedly. Ah, well, there is always tomorrow.
  10. Shaun M

    If I could have chosen 2, it would be driving and putting. The last few years, the driver has gotten me in a lot of trouble even though I'm not worried about distance right now. I just need to keep it in the short grass, and away from the trees!
  11. Todd T

    100 and in... And its going to start with adding bounce to my three new Vokey wedges!
  12. Chuck Z

    Definitely approach to the greens. My irons are killing me. Always at the most inappropriate time.
  13. Mark F

    I had a major shoulder operation last November and have noticed that my distance with the driver has gone down 10-15 yds so far this year. As such, I have more short wedge shots into the green than in the past. So I have been working on the short pitches and chipping as much as I can.

    Mark F
  14. Darryl M

    My driving is causing my scores to be higher than they should be. I'm inconsistent on location of my drives. I do have a few flaws in my swing that I need to fix after I get my ball position and swing connected properly so I can then tell if they still are an issue. It's a timing issue for right now. Short game & irons are doing very well or otherwise my scores would really soar
  15. Bob T

    I would say better judgement on my approach to the green. I have to make sure I'm not always trying to kill the ball to reach the green but to use better judgement on striking the ball cleanly. Even if it means falling short of the green but in good position for the next shot.
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