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How'd you do this year?

Don O

Like at New Year's, we tend to set goals for the coming season. So my season officially closes Tuesday (no WSGA postings after 10/31). After getting a 917D2 and the new Pro-V1 before this season, I committed to moving from a 22 hcp to 15. The AP1s 716 had some control issues and I developed a duck hook that looked like it was going to spend the summer with me. About the time I got to a Titleist Thursday, things were starting to look up. With a couple of tips and moving to the AP3 with the AMT-Red, the driver straightened out, my long clubs were getting me in position to attack par 5s, and finally scoring consistently with a RH putter (finished last year w/LH putter like my other clubs). So this month I dropped my hcp from 22 to 18, including the 84 in 45 degree weather today. Missed the 15, but there's alway next year. The AP3 alone were not the entire difference, but I've become more consistent with them. I'm continuing workouts with guidance with a TPI instructor and now really like my bag from driver to putter.

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  1. richard f

    Good luck to you , hope you reach your goals
  2. Rick D

    Good work, Don. Your work paid off! Guys who don't practice, buy clubs off the rack, then complain about poor golf get no sympathy from me.

    No new clubs in my bag and a struggle since last season, went from a 2 last year, to 3. Then this season 3 to 4. Now back to 2 and sad the season is over because I turned it around and am playing well. Our course here in Wausau is going to close early due to cold and wet. Snow flurries this morning.

    This past Wednesday was my last golf of the season. I played in a scramble at a convention in Nashville. 40* while getting a very short warmup on the range. Rain pants, two gloves, Under Armour insulated pullover, topped off with a stocking hat. We started cold, 5 straight pars, then birdied out for 13 Under 59 and good for first. I played very well and my putter got hot batting cleanup.

    One Titleist item of note, they gave each of us two sleeves of some Calloway distance ball. One of my team kept complaining about his irons not stopping on the greens. No such worries for me, as I'm not playing those cheap balls. My Prov1's spun and stopped. They fought the breeze pretty good, too. I gave the crappy balls to one of my hacker coworkers. You know, one of those guys who thinks the ball doesn't matter.
  3. Dwayne N

    Congrats Don, Sounds like you progressed. I have my bag setup nice right now SC putter was replaced by a different SC more of a Mallet Style. Still swinging 716 AP1's, 816 H1 hybrids and 917 woods. Spent a lot of time this season with putting and driver. And I have seen great results.

    Have been able to regain some 25 yards off the tee that I thought were long gone due to age and have dropped my putting stroke average to 1.4. All this has resulted in dropping my handicap to 10 and trending down. Over the last 15 rounds I have posted 11 sub 80 rounds. Really dreading end of season since I am playing best golf of my life.
  4. Jeffery M

    Keep on working on your game and it will pay off. I switched to all Titleist this summer and fell from 5.9 to 4.7. Still working on those few bad shots here and there. Good luck!!
  5. Joel L

    Played my best golf ever this year. Handicap went from 3.4 to 1.2 on the back of my first ever rounds under par, 71 and 69! Tournament performance still lacking, gotta work on the mental game. Have started training with a TPI certified coach, looking to get in better shape and lose another 5 lbs. Looking to replace my 716 AP2 long irons with AP3s, demoed them last week.
  6. Dave N

    Don Congrats on the year. Mine started out with Sciatica issues and trying to compensate twisted my right knee to the point it hard was to walk. On the mends now so there is always next year. Have fun and stay healthy, Dave...

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