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I'm a lucky guy...


Last Friday I took off from work. Wife went to work, my boys had the day off from school and wanted to spend the day with their grandparents before they take off for FL. So what to do.... Weather was perfect and it's been unreal in New England for this time of year. Clean house or golf? hmmmmmm... Tough choice..

A buddy of mine made an early tee time at the Ledges in Maine, i'm there. FANTASTIC course and always love playing there in the fall time, such a beautiful coruse.. We teed off around 8:15 and done by 11:30.. Played ok, course was still wet from 2 days of rain but still had a lot of fun.. Grabbed lunch with my buddy and done by noon.. Hmmmm, still have another 5 hours of sunlight.. So, headed back to NH to my home course Portsmouth Country Club...

Place was packed, not surprised since it was so nice out. Walked into the pro shop, "I'm solo any chance of getting out?" Pro looks at the tee time sheet, "Can you be ready by 12:47, 10 minutes?" "ABSOLUTELY!" So, joined 3 fantastic members. All in their 60s and really enjoyed playing with them, such great company and some good playing, towards the end :).. We were done by 4:30.. Walking up that 18th hole, i felt great and realized how lucky I was playing this game.. After all, #wearegolfers

36 holes; 18 in one state, 18 in another state. how often can you say that? Truly love living in New England... Hope the weather continues, season is still going strong...

2 pics; one with trees lining up the fairway is the Ledges and the other one is Portsmouth.. yes, they were filtered..

Peace and love! Speedy

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  1. Barry B

    Looks & sounds like it was a perfect day!!!
  2. Keith M

    Sounds like a perfect day. Like you, I did the same and took Friday off and played golf. I just joined a club, so it was my first round there. Met a few members, played solo and barely saw a soul from the 3rd hole to the 14th. I didn't play very well, but on the plus side, I found every bad angle and lie in the place, so I know where not to put the ball next time.

    On 13, I remember thinking just before I hit my approach, "I should play 36 today..." To which I promptly hit a towering 9 iron about 5 yards short, hit the false front and came down the hill right into the drink. So much for that.

    Better off that I picked up my kids from school earlier than normal.
  3. Tyler H

    Speedy, you live the life. As the season is coming to a close you have to get in any round that you can.

  4. Dwayne N

    living the dream
  5. Jacob S

    The ledges is great this time of year. Love that place and need to get up there before winter. Hoping to try Portsmouth some day.
  6. Steve S

    Congrats on being able to stop and smell the roses along the way Speedy. Hope many more are in your future.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  7. Robert C

    What a great day Speedy, thanks for sharing. These perfect golf days on the east coast are definitely getting more and more rare. Enjoy them while you can.
  8. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Sounds like the perfect day to me, Speedy.
  9. Tim Tiger

    Charmed life my friend. Enjoy the great weather while you can.

  10. richard f

    Looks like you had an awesome day lol
  11. george t

    Living the dream!
  12. Marc S

    Definitely sounds like a great day Speedy. 36 hole days are few and far between so anytime, especially in the fall is a blessing indeed.
  13. Rich T

    Yes, you are a VERY lucky guy, Speedy. Well deserved.

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