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Quintin H

Been having a problem with pulls, made a slight adjustment and played Thursday eliminated the pulls, eliminated doubles and triples, shot 84 with 12 bogeys 6 pars.......and then today

I decided to give the 904f 15 another shot, maybe eliminting the pulls also fixes the hooks. Started with a toe shot that curved around the dogleg nicely, then pulled an easy PW into the pond.........double

Hole 2, pull hook 2 ob left, hole 3 9i was a horrible day, 97 playing from the front tees.

On the bright side, I didn't 3 putt.

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  1. Quintin H

    Something else I've noticed

    Thursday no pulling problem, Friday Saturday substantial back and leg pain
    Monday bad pulling problem, today back and leg not so bad, I could actually go out and play again today.

  2. Chuck Z

    Might suggest seeing your pro. If have that issue on occasions when I try to swing to hard and the upper part gets ahead of the lower part. It not how hard you swing, it how under control you hit it. Your pro knows and can help eliminate that problem. Mine did.
  3. Quintin H

    The coaches that know me are gone, the golf instructor here now is not a coach, I really don't want to get that involved especially when I'll figure it out.

    Which brings me to today, went out for 9, it was kinda cold and a lot wet, with my push cart I did the 90* was just too wet going up the fairway.

    Had 4 pars 4 bogeys and hole 8, funny, I can't remember hole 8.

    Not 1 GIR, wedge working a little better and putter working a lot better.
  4. richard f

    Just believe in yourself and you'll get there
  5. Quintin H

    I changed out some clubs, put in "game improvement" clubs, persimmon driver,4w,7w, lamenated ginty 9w 34*(150y trouble out club), 5-w hand made 1950's forged muscle back blades, and a 60*

    Hit driver about 200y nice and straight, 4w not so good, 7w about 200y nice and straight, I used the ginty once off the fairway just to see distance.

    Holes 1,2,3 hit the green with approach shot being with the 9i(pw distance with any other set)

    Still no major pull problems, couple pushes and thins.

    Putter working good.

    No excessive pains after 9 holes, when I first started back I tried playing without a pain pill, 9 holes was all I could do, and still feeling it the next day. Its good I can do 9 holes day after day and not need a pain pill.

    I've set up tomorrows bag, 904f 17, 585h 21, bang h 24, 990b 5-7, old blades 7-9,and a 60. I do like using this 9i for pitching.

    I'm thinking the pulls were coming from just too much golf and my body not ready for it.
  6. Quintin H

    Yep, Richard I'm getting there, but I'm a long way away from getting back to 7hcp.
  7. Quintin H

    Those old blades weren't as good today.
    Played well holes 1,2,3,9 the other 5 weren't good.
    I might quit again
  8. Quintin H

    I may have figured out the pulls, a problem I haven't had when not playing golf and has now popped back up.......left little toe corn

    I think the development of a corn has made me unconsiously stay off the left side equals fat or pull

    I'm wearing a corn pad, feels much better, been swinging club and seeing the correct path.

    Full swing hitting balls will be tomorrow or Tuesday.
  9. Quintin H

    Cured the pulls, turned them into hooks.

    Now I'm playing the ball in the middle of my stance and hitting straight......for now.
  10. Quintin H

    It worked, straight straight straight

    Shot 74, but this is from tees placed at the very front of the front tee boxes.

    904f 15* I was hitting fades starting the direction I wanted and ending the direction I wanted.......I didn't try hitting a draw for fear of hitting a massive hook

    Front I hit 8 greens, mostly in an easy 3 putt range, which I did 3 putt one, hole 9 I made up for it with a good putt for birdie

    Back wasn't as good 2 fairways and 3 greens but I did get 2 birdies

    Hole 14 pulled tee shot(not a bad pull but I was aiming left), pitch out and forward, 5i hit thin to 5 ft off green then pitch in for birdie.

    Hole 15 (listed as 235y probably less) 3w to fringe easy pitch to back of green 3ft putt for birdie.

    I've always played the ball off the front foot, now in the middle, woods clubhead in the middle, and never as straight as today.

    Hopefully it will be warm enough tomorrow and I can see if this cure holds on, or if some other problem pops up.

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