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TT Polo?


Has there ever been such a thing? I know they don't have TT items for sale, but maybe they could make a TT shop available with items like these for those who have met certain TT benchmarks? I am certain the TT folks have data on each of us...number of posts, pics, etc. if your engagement level warrants it, you get access to the shop. Just an idea..I'd love a TT polo! ....and I know asking for it isn't the way to get it, but the thought of one is pretty cool!

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  1. Tyler H

    Stay active, watch for contests and you never know what may land in your mailbox.

  2. Sam K

    Great idea Scotty. It would be nice to purchase Team Titleist gear. Small custom shops, like your description illustrates, are difficult to make profitable/ successful (due to relatively low volume orders and the cost considerations which result; premium price/ fewer items). It seems that TT is so successful because of a strong passion for the Titleist brand, and because all bonus benefits are very selectively and purposefully offered; providing an element of exclusiveness. This exclusiveness is prevalent across the board for Titleist. It is my opinion that over incentivizing activity might result in insincere content. I have learned a lot from being a part of TT, due to sincere input from others. Comments that are nothing more than a pursuit of benchmarks, wont likely promote the helpful and courteous team culture which we enjoy here. Just pointing out some considerations on the matter. I hope you find your way to a very nice Team Titleist polo!
  3. Speedy

    Tyler H

    Stay active, watch for contests and you never know what may land in your mailbox.


    What Tyler said.. This has been brought up and suggested MANY MANY times, even myself a few years ago when i first started.. I've to come to realized that if you stay active, participate in contests, etc. you may be rewarded handsomely.

    AND if you do get something, please don't sell it on eBay......
  4. Chuck Z

    I see you play the Titleist ball and SC putter. Have you checked out the new Titleist clubs and given any consideration to them? The new AP3 irons are moving the needle as are the 818 hybrids. Titleist makes some top notch products. With respect. Chuck
  5. george t

    Echoing Tyler and Speedy - participation is the road to TT memorabilia. I’ve been fortunate enough to get some great items, and I treasure them. I was so bummed when my Team Titleist towel went missing AFTER a round - someone wanted it more than me!
  6. Chris B

    I, for one, am glad that TT does not sell merchandise. I would be broke.
  7. Sam K

    Chris B

    I, for one, am glad that TT does not sell merchandise. I would be broke.

  8. Rich T

    Great advice Tyler and Speedy!
  9. Marc S

    Chris and Sam, I for one would love the chance to be broke or at least be tempted to max out a few credit cards. My closet is Scotty overhauled. I know it probably won't happen, but I would love love love to support, represent, and show off the #1 brand in Golf! IMHO
  10. Sam K

    If you would be tempted to max out a credit card on clothes, you should be thankful that TT does not introduce the option! I understand where you are coming from. I agree it would be nice to have access to these items. I also appreciated the firms interest in maintaining a certain element of exclusiveness. It looks like you show off the brand well!
  11. Kathy J

    TT produces top quality products!

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