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Team Titleist Sweeps: Winter Pom Pom Hats

Abby L., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

We want to know, what drill will you be practicing this winter? Send us your drills (we need them!) for a chance to win one of our limited edition Team Titleist winter pom pom hats. 

It's time for another exclusive Team Titleist sweepstakes and a chance to win some limited edition gear:

• One (1) Team Titleist Winter Pom Pom Hat

HERE’S HOW TO ENTER - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Add a comment in the box below and let us know what drill you'll be practicing this winter then hit the submit reply button.

Sample entry: Chipping like I putt! 

Yes, it's that easy.

We’ll randomly select eight (8) winners from all approved entries that include an answer and are submitted by Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017 at 11:59 PM.

A few more important details... Only one entry per person. If you send in multiple replies, you'll be disqualified from the contest. Don't forget to include all of the details outlined above or your entry will not be considered eligible.

Keep in mind, all posts are moderated and it may take some time for your reply to appear. We'll do our best to approve posts quickly but if you enter more than one reply, we have to disqualify you from the drawing (sorry to repeat this but we want to make sure it's clear).

No purchase necessary. View complete rules here:

And, sorry these will not be for sale. You'll have to stay tuned to Team Titleist for more exclusive opportunities to win one of your own.

U.S. only. Here's some more info: Why are Titleist sweepstakes U.S. only?

Good luck!

Team Titleist Staff

547 Replies

  1. Rich T

    It's all about putting this winter. I'll be in my home office practicing my setup and rolling those short putts consistently on my intended line.
  2. Titleist Fan 179

    I focus or stretching and also use my putting green in the basement to get automatic on 10ft putts. Need to get to a 5 this year!
  3. Jack H

    I am going to spend my time stopping coming over the top.

    Well since North Dakota Winters are long and cold (-30 degree and colder wind chills, etc.), I will be moving the loveseat and chair in my basement to work on:

    1) Putting stroke (gradually working on hitting my spot from 5-15 feet away), work on distance control and hitting my mark time after time.
    2) Chipping specifically working on bump and runs.
    3) Go to the indoor range and periodically throughout the winter to keep the swing remotely sharp until next spring arrives.

  5. Sam H

    Improve ball striking.
  6. Quintin H

    60* pitching flight distance
  7. harry h

    Chipping oh wait I live in Vegas I can work on all my problems most of year
  8. Don O

    Just met with my Premier fitter and my personal coach yesterday. Fortunately, we have heated driving ranges in frozen tundra country. I've focused on ball striking with irons/hybrids on the range this year. Now plan to practice my (new) pre-shot routine (12 step process??) while learning muscle memory for a swing for open-face chips (new skill). This is to become consistent to get on elevated greens and for distance control out of bunkers (first time - every time). Rolling puts on the mat in the living (dead) room is a given to maintain muscle memory and TPI-developed workouts not only help me stretch for golf but are amazing to cut down on back soreness/injury with snow shoveling.
  9. 19hole

    Lots of balance drills!
  10. Tyler H

    Working on making a better shoulder turn and posture.
  11. george t

    Chipping. Both bump and run shots or flop shots. I have some target rings that I plan to use for distance control. When I have the whole green to work with, I tend to leave chips woefully short, and when I’ve short-sided myself, I chip it well past the hole. I need to become more automatic when it comes to getting up and down in two.
  12. Tim Tiger

    Putting, putting, putting.

  13. david s

    I picked up one of my old Golf International magazines in which Andrew Hall (one time Titleist Ambassador) gives a number of drills to "work on your game this winter".
    The one I find most useful is the two club drill, as the name suggest it's swinging two clubs together, the extra weight of the two club heads serve to stretch out your swing, both back and through - literally puling you through the correct sequence of positions.
    Try this out at home a for 10 minutes a few times a week, the aim is to achieve effective sequencing of motion with a good rhythm. (Thanks Andrew)
  14. Barry B

    Aside from my normal gym work, I working on my putting...setup and tempo.
  15. Gary L

    3/4 swing and solid contact with golf ball. Readjusting distances in cold air
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