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7 Over Par

Sam K

Since becoming a part of Team Titleist a couple months ago, I have upgraded my Irons, driver, and three wood to Titleist (I am three clubs, one bag, one glove, one ball marker, one towel, and one umbrella from a my complete Titleist bag goal. haha Will post photos when it is complete in the spring). These clubs have undoubtedly contributed to my progress. Greater distance, control, confidence, and a higher level of interest in playing.

Today I broke 80 for the first time since starting back, with a 7 over par (78). It felt SOO good. My prior best was an 82 on the course I played (Oconee Country Club).

While the clubs are great, I owe a lot of this progress to a few of you kind folks who have given advice as well as a channel for my golf passion. I don't personally know many passionate golfers, so this forum and your participation have really provided me a way to stay in tune and stay motivated for progress. I look forward to hearing more of your stories and guidance. Just wanted to share an update and give thanks for the guidance and entertainment.

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  1. richard f

    The best things take time !!
  2. Dale V

    Great Sam! Keep it up.
  3. Barry B

    Great round!!! Keep it up.
  4. Steve S

    Congrats Sam on your 7 over par. I'm sure more good is yet to come.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  5. Jack H

    Great work Sam! Congratulations on your accomplishment! Look forward to seeing you new bag!
  6. Ryan P

    Congrats - keep it up!!
  7. pulplvr

    Keep plugging away, Sam. The more you practice and play, the more likely you will achieve those goals. I've been working on mine for over 60 years now. Have three or four age rounds so far and am looking forward to more as I go. Titles has been a very large part of that.
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  8. Mike C

    Congratulations on breaking 80! It is a journey so keep on the path, I’m sure all of the Titleist gear is helping along the way!
  9. augusto r

    Great job Sam ,enjoy your new set,Titleist is the best.Happy Veterans Day
  10. Travis W

    Congrats on breaking 80. It is amazing how hard it is to break the decade numbers. But keep working on it and you will be firing 75's in no time. It just takes hard work, determination, and perseverance. Best of luck.
  11. Sam K

    Thank you all very much! I hope each one of you have a great week and get a little time for golf!

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