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Friendship made here


So I've been a part of the TT community for a few years now and I've met some amazing people, some of them I consider great friends. Yesterday I played golf with 3 guys that I met here. One of them is a member at a private course so he took us out to continue our ongoing duel called The Empty Cup. The Empty Cup is 2 vs. 2 and goes back to when I first met a few of them during the TT Invitational @ TPC Boston. This was probably 3-4 years ago? From there it's been great friendship and a lot of fun.. Anyways...

Yesterday was an interesting day in New England. Match #7 started around 9 and it was warm and rainy.. Got to the 9th hole and we had to call it a push, it just started coming down. Went to the clubhouse and had some drinks.. It cleared out after an hour and headed back out for the back 9. But this time it was windy and cold.. THANKFULLY I packed my winter gear as well but it was brutal.. Long story short, me and my partner, well should say my partner won the match. We're still down after 7 matches, 4-3* (Yes an asterisk b/c i screwed up one day and had an extra driver in my bag, 15 clubs).. Our opponents play by the rule, they don't mess around but it's all good. It's part of the game.. But the matches are filled with laughter and fun.. It's why we continue doing this...

Since Thanksgiving is around the corner I just wanted to say I'm VERY thankful to have made some great friends from the TT Community. The TT community is such a great forum to meet people and talk about the greatest golf company in world, Titleist.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the TT Community peeps and to everyone at Achusnet!

PS: Here's a picture of the precious empty cup... Wife is not a fan :)

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  1. Sam K

    Nice Speedy!
  2. Steve S

    Congrats on your win Speedy. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  3. Tyler H

    Well played Speedy, well played.

  4. Chuck Z

    Speedy that's a max six strokes. Congrats. Now for the cup. Veeeeeeeeeeery interesting. Do you get sour cream, butter and chives with the potato? Cheers, Chuck.......
  5. Michael JC

    Great Cup and cool story!
  6. Dave N

    WOW you pulled out all the stops on that trophy. I like it,
  7. Luke R

    Great story Speedy and man isn't that what it all about! Golf is such a great game! Love the Trophy!
  8. 19hole

    Chuck, the actual penalty is 2 strokes per hole in stroke play with a maximum of 4 strokes applied. In match play it is loss of hole for each hole played while in breach of the rule up to a maximum loss of 2 holes.
  9. Chuck Z


    Chuck, the actual penalty is 2 strokes per hole in stroke play with a maximum of 4 strokes applied. In match play it is loss of hole for each hole played while in breach of the rule up to a maximum loss of 2 holes.

    My bad, Rick and Speedy. Had this occur in a tournament years ago and the committee penalized him six strokes. Have not see it since then. Thanks for the correction.
  10. Michael JC

    Speedy, just wondering if your pic is from Ball Plant 3?
  11. Tom B

    You're a better man that I am Speedy. I had a match too, 2 man scramble team event, but I was not as dedicated as you were. First the rain, then the gale force winds. Made nice and took my wife to breakfast. Then again, this Saturday is looking pretty good here in Mass., and I won't be a wienie again.
  12. Rich T

    Speedy - A little late to respond here but this thread is worthy of a response. You are correct, some GREAT friendships have been made through Team Titleist and our common love of golf. Your golf partner could not be any luckier.

  13. Hotsauce

    Awesome post Speedy. The empty cup is a tradition like no other. We’ve had some pretty incredible memories over the years.
    From “Par 5 birdies don’t count”, to 15 clubs, to almost having to call 911 in the clubhouse over a spicy chicken sandwich there’s never a dull moment in an empty cup.
    Enjoy your winter with the trophy. Mike and I have already picked out our uniforms for 2018.
    FYI- the penalty applied by the official empty cup world rules committee (Not USGA or R&A sanctioned) was 0 strokes, no loss of holes- just an * and an undisclosed number of years reminding Speedy to count his clubs.
    Post Image
  14. Speedy

    Wow Josh, that picture looks like it was taken quite some time ago. About the time of your last EC win... ;) One thing for sure, NO ONE will ever come close to you and MD handsomeness.

    Looking forward to more matches in 2018... And i mean MORE.. Too much fun not to be had...

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