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Thanksgiving Golfing


Just wanting to send out Thanksgiving messages to all of the Team Titleist members. I am extremely jealous of anyone who got to play golf today. It was 31 degrees at my house, so I skipped it. Feeling my Arizona TT members ! Wish I was there!

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  1. Barry B

    Played Friday and we ended up with a high of 75 here in St Louis. It was windy, but it didn't matter. It's been quite a while since we've had decent enough weather Thanksgiving weekend so we could get out and get a round in.
  2. Dale V

    It was great golf weather here in San Diego too. Best move, coming out here 4 years ago. Playing almost every day.
  3. Dave N

    Sorry man, it was 68* here in Lady Lake Fl. but it rained all day. Kinda in the same boat.
  4. Brian F

    Mid 50's and windy here in VA. Not FL, San Diego or St Louis like temperatures and definitely not 31 degrees, but very bearable. Played Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Playing 3 rounds in late November isn't too shabby.
  5. Joel L

    Ten rounds in the month of November here in Atlanta. Weather in the 60's all month with little wind and rain. Love this time of the year. Shifting gears now and heavily into my off season physical training. Great exercises on the TPI website.

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