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The Future is assured - Class in Youth

Tom B

I'm sure most of you heard about the young lady who scored the lowest at a Mass. State High School Tourney, but couldn't have the trophy because she was a girl playing in the boys competition. Seemed to make just about every newscast from Coast to Coast, the Golf Channel and Sports Center, with the young man who was awarded the trophy for being the low male competitor, insisting she take the trophy (she declined). Well, he and another one of the competitors from that Tourney from our Club, invited the young lady down to play with them this past weekend, and they all had a nice match together. Shows me the future of the game is secure, with the sportsmanship these high school folks, exhibit toward each other. Kudos to all of them, their families and what playing this Game has obviously taught them all.

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  1. Rob V

    Thank you very much for sharing the after story, Tom, to what was on the news. This story gives me confidence. We just need to find a way to keep the adults out of youth sports. They only mess it up.
  2. Dave N

    Tom B you didn't mention how they played. Did she kick butt again?
  3. Tom B

    Let's just say it was a good match. The greens at our Club are pretty slick, and have subtle breaks like you used to see on the West Swing of the Tour, that you have to know. "Breaks towards Indio", "Breaks toward the Mountains" etc. Very tough for first timers and couple that with the fact that the Superintendent, winding down the year, had a lot of "challenging" pin placements. Everybody enjoyed the day, even those in the other groups.

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