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Dwayne N

Thanks TT for the pewter bag tag celebrating my 5th ACE each time has been just as exciting as the first.

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  1. Dale V

    Dang Dwayne, you have me by three. I better get busy in 2018. Congrats!
  2. Titleist Fan 179

    Congrats on your Ace. Merry Xmas!
  3. richard f

    Well done
  4. Steve S

    Congrats Dywane D. Wow. 5 aces. I Can't even imagine. Well done sir!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  5. John K

    Quite an accomplishment. Congratulations.
  6. Jim K

    Nice work!
  7. Edward K

    Congrats Dwayne, I have a bunch myself, nothing in 20 years! I'm due, I hope......
  8. vurich

    Dwayne! 5 times! Wow! Congrats!
  9. Jack H

    Congratulations! 5 aces is extremely impressive! I am still waiting on number 1.

  10. Todd T

  11. Ralph C

    Congratulations on your exceptional accomplishment. Best wishes for many more!
  12. Frank P

    Great work, best wishes

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