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Here we sit....

Don O

Haven't seen anything but single digits for a week. Often with a minus sign in front of the single digit. That's too cold even for heated bays hitting outside. Can't even worry about spring, but temps in the 20's would at least allow sometime to hit at the heated driving ranges. Only got about 5 rounds on the AP3 and 4 holes with some AVX balls. Too much withdrawal going on.

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    I agree Don, it was close to -30 this last weekend in North Dakota and it's just the start of winter here. April can't come soon enough. Might have to hit the indoor simulator sometime this week.

  2. Rex F

    We had two guys play Sunday ...HIgh was 16 and breezy. CRAZY
  3. Steve S

    I hear ya Don O. I'm sitting in my office, and all the fairways and greens are snow covered and frozen solid. More snow for Wed. night, Thursday morning. Then, back into another deep freeze. Lots of reels to grind, blades to sharpen. Mowers all get serviced along with the tractors. Always something to do. But it sure would be nice to get a few swings in.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  4. Sam K

    I feel for you!
  5. Allen L

    Don, I'm down in southern Alabama and it is 25 degrees. Heat pump runs constant. Golf is not on this weeks agenda.
  6. Don O

    Allen L

    Don, I'm down in southern Alabama and it is 25 degrees. Heat pump runs constant. Golf is not on this weeks agenda.

    25?? ...that's what we call a heat wave. The last 3 mornings have been -9 to -7. At 25 I'd be at the heated shed Steve Sticker uses.
  7. Dale V

    Sorry guys, just got home from Christmas in Cabo and walked the front nine yesterday afternoon in 70 degree weather. I don't think I will ever move away from SoCal.

    Dangit Dale, you're killing me. Lol.

    I am planning a trip to San Diego in February with the wife and kids, not sure if i'll get out and play, but i'll definitely enjoy the warm weather.

  9. Hotsauce

    -7 when I let the poor pooch outside this morning. This is "why do I live here?" season in New England...
    I'm hoping it warms up a touch so I can head south to sneak a round in. There's no snow in Rhode Island :)
  10. Lance P

    I truly hope no one has a Pinehurst-area vacation scheduled for this week...highest forecasted temp in the next 5 days is 36 on Sunday! Probably not too difficult to get a tee-time though!

    TGC is re-airing a 1997 Shell's Wonderful World of Golf from #2 featuring Nicholas vs. looks so different now!
  11. John K

    Enough with this frigid weather already! Each winter it seems like they get harder and harder to deal with.
  12. Bruce S

    We've been cold in NorCal, played Spanish Bay last Saturday and it was in the mid fifties when we started and warmed up to the mid sixties during our round with sunny skies.
  13. Carl G

    I went to south carolina to play on vacation, turned out it was still in the 30s. Either way I played and felt good to just be out
  14. Dale V

    I will get my "cold and wet" days in next month as i make my annual pilgrimage to Bandon Dunes. The one week a year when i can use my rain gear.
  15. Tom B

    I don't know whether to sympathize with those down the coast in the Carolina's or say, welcome to our world. Just saw they are getting hit with snow all along the coast in both North and South Carolina, and it's piling up. It'll probably be gone in a day or so, so they only miss golf for a couple days maybe, not the next 8 months (it seems that long) for those in the Northern climates, even those close to Titleist HQ and ball plants.
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