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Driver Off The Deck

Mike H

Has anyone hit driver off the deck in a round? How successful was it?

I would lie if I said I haven’t attempted it in practice, but it has been way to inconsistent to actually attempt in a round.

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  1. Sam K

    The times that it has gone well for me, I had to hit down on the ball pretty hard. I will not be trying this with my new 917D3, due to scuffing. The only downside to switching to Titleist, has been my inclination to baby the clubs. haha.
  2. Joshua B

    I did in a best ball on a par 5 with it teed up in the rough....went well. Like a knuckleball so it was risky and unpredictable, defiantly wouldn't if it had been fairway.
  3. Barry S

    Anytime I have tried, the ball always started out straight but then curled to the right.
  4. Doug E

    Though have not done it too often, I have had some good results from short rough with the ball sitting up. I will usually only attempt it when it doesn't really matter, like if I already blew the round or I'm just out practicing on the course. I have surprised myself a few times at how successful the shot turned out. Key for me is to just swing in control and the ball goes straight, and usually pretty low. You need some swing speed to get it up in the air high enough to make the play worth it, particularly off a fairway lie. That's why I usually limit my occasional attempts to loftier lies from light rough.
  5. B.A.

    I've done it when it has made sense. It has to make sense , like you need a long very low shot for an obstacle you need to stay under. Otherwise I'd just use my fairway.
  6. Hotsauce

    I can't really get much more with my D stick than I can with my 3 wood off the deck, so it doesn't make sense for me. I've seen plenty of lads pull it off though.

    If you're going to let it rip in a round, be sure you've practiced it first.
  7. Rooster

    I tried it a few times. It was never a wow moment. I did not that it went better off a short cut rough. The fairway, forget it.
  8. Doug H

    Yes, I have a couple of times and it's not something I prefer to do. It's usually really low with a fade. Probably hit my 3 wood just as far and more predictable. Good Question!!!
  9. Jim K

    Once last summer when I he had to keep it low enough to stay under some pine branches. Stayed low but didn't go very far. Thought it seemed reasonable, however I couldn't execute!
  10. JAM

    If the shot calls for it and the lie is right I will not hesitate. The last time I hit my 915 D2, 9.5, I was in the rough with a tree not to far in front which required a low shot. I usually chokeup and swing as if I was hitting into a brisk wind to keep it low. Just put an easy swing on it.
  11. John K

    All it took was one attempt for me to realize, that shot is not in my wheelhouse.
  12. mj

    experiment went wrong...
  13. Jack H

    I have actually practiced it. I don’t know why, but it is fun. On course I used it in a match from the fairway and it worked out ok. It is a shot I like messing around with! I would never do it in a tournament though. Great question!

  14. JKissoon

    I've done it a few times. I tend to slice the ball though. I wish I could upload a video of me doing it but I think this only allows pictures.
  15. Jason N

    I tried it this past fall and I won't be doing it again. It looked like a knuckleball. Should have hit a fway wood or my hybrid.
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