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Cathi Came Through!

Sam K

It has been cold and rainy for a couple of weeks. My course has been closed for maintenance a couple times as well. It has been quite depressing not seeing a ball fly over this time. Cathi kindly sent a new hat to suit my 917 woods! Talk about lifting my spirits! I cannot be more thankful, and as always I am proud to wear the colors. Thankful to be with Titleist this year!

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  1. TUrreta


    Makes cold and rainy less yuk.
  2. Rex F

    Cathi is awesome !
  3. Barry B

    It's the little things like this that have all of us saying TItleist & Team Titleist are the best!
  4. Don O

    Best part of the hat -when someone asks you what driver did you have on that drive, you can just give the hat a tug. I don't even think I've seen a pro with the 917 moniker on the hat. No question Cathi and all the concierges care about their customers to take the time to thank those of us that participate.
  5. Jack H

    That is a sweet hat! Congratulations! Glad to hear you’ll wear it proud!

    God Bless,

    That is totally awesome. That's what makes Cathi and all the concierges the best!!! Hopefully the weather breaks for you and you can get on the course.

  7. Sam K

    Thank you all for kind words. We are a lucky bunch indeed!
  8. Dwayne N

    Cathi and Mike always find a way to lift the spirits of the down trodden. They are all awesome as far as I can see.
  9. Kathy J

    Congrats on your Titleist win!.

    Cathi - The new 917 hat would go nicely with my 917D2 Driver (hint).
  10. Jeremy L

    Cathi is great! I had mentioned how I had an entire bag of Titleist equipment and she sent me a Team Titleist bag tag!!!
  11. Rooster

    One thing with a Titleist hat. You can wear that proudly. Knowing the company stands behind you, fellow golfers, and its employees.
  12. Chuck Z

    Cathi is on top of her game!!!!!!!! Now is we could only get her to come to one of our TT events on the East coast.
  13. Steve S

    Congrats Sam K. Enjoy the hat. Cathi is certainly first class!
    Play Well,
    Steve S
  14. Titleist Fan 179

    Congrats! Cathi is awesome !
  15. Larry V

    Barry B

    It's the little things like this that have all of us saying TItleist & Team Titleist are the best!

    Very nice - great company great equipment and great people!
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