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Finally Landed !!!!

stephen b

When I retired almost 12 years ago, my dream was to get a part-time job at my golf course. Well, it's finally happened!!!! A couple of weeks ago I was hired and told weather permitting I will be starting in March. The job comes with a full membership, perks, and they pay $8.00/hour. My life is about as good as it could get!!!!

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  1. vurich

    Getting paid to golf, stephen. Dreams do come true!
    enjoy and congrats!
  2. Jack H

    Congrats!!! I love being in the industry! Enjoy!
  3. Dwayne N

    Congrats finally living the dream
  4. Dale V

    Great news Stephen. Sounds fun. I still have a few years at my 9-5 but what a great way to stay active and engaged. Enjoy!
  5. Sam K

    Outstanding! Congratulations on making it happen. Here's to many happy years living the dream!
  6. Steve S

    Congrats Stephen. I have been at my course for 22+ years. It's a great job. Something different every day. Enjoy your perks!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  7. Don O

    Exactly what I want, "soon". What attributes do you think helped you get hired? I'm sure there is no shortage of old geezers looking for keeping busy and saving on greens fees. Was it at a facility that you have been playing regularly?
  8. Jim S

    I have been retired for all most a year from the same job. I really miss being at the course daily. My game is not as sharp as i want,because I do not practice every day.Have fun an enjoy your new job.
  9. Jerry M

    That's fantastic! I hope things work out for you. Sometimes just being on a golf course is joy in itself. Not sure what you will be doing but either way have fun!!
  10. Kathy J

    That is my dream job when I retire too! Best of luck and play well at your new home away from home!
  11. Thomas Y

    Congratulations! I hope that you enjoy not only the company of other golf enthusiasts while working but also the perks that you are receiving! It's interesting that you are at a facility to which you had belonged as it is common for clubs to exclude members from their employment ranks. Perhaps you gave up your prior membership to take the position (and receive a membership?).
  12. Peter H

  13. Doug E

    I have not officially retired yet, though haven't been working the last couple years since we moved to Maryland due to a great job opportunity for my wife. Now over 60, I am not ready to start a new career. So, instead I have been playing a lot of golf (over 350 rounds since we got here) and deciding what kind of job I want next. Since Titleist isn't hunting me down to take over representing the mid-Atlantic region (which would be MY dreamjob), I am holding out until the right position comes along at one of the top golf clubs in my area for a part-time pro shop helper, starter or ranger. I am a full-time member at a great club already with unlimited play and cart fees all covered, so I want the job somewhere else so I can play free there too! And I'm gonna negotiate hard on salary. I want at least $8.50/hr. I don't know what you were thinking settling for $8.00! ;-)
  14. Rob R

    Congratulations. I hope you enjoy the job, because I'm sure you will enjoy the rounds of golf.
  15. mj

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