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If you were given.....


If you were given an opportunity to work in ANY department at Titleist, #1 golf company in the world what dept. would you work in?

For me this is tough... It's a toss up between Vokey and Scotty... I'm leaning towards Vokey.. Something about working with wedges..

anyone else?

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  1. Len D

    Hybrids, definitely. The most underrated change to the game in the last 25 years. Remember when you carried a 2 iron but were afraid to hit it? ;-)
  2. Chuck Z

    Media....opportunity to work with a great Team from Acushnet and promote all the awesome Titleist products......and be around all those great loyalists associated with those products inside and outside the that would be fun, a lot of work, but fun in it's own right.......
  3. Don O

    Assemble clubs for custom orders. Never the same job and taking the time wondering how that order matches up to someone's game. Not to mention the knowledge gleaned from tipping, setting up swing weights, and knowing all the shaft options.
  4. Jack H


    Great post! For me, I would go into to wedges. I love what Vokey does and would love the opportunity to be apart of his team! Being on the tour van would also be a great experience! Not to mention that I love messing with wedges as well....

    Look forward to hearing what others say!

  5. Guy O

    Marketing and promotion for sure! Helping get the word for these great products out to the golfing public would be fun!
  6. Dale V

    It would definitely be working in the Tour Truck, making all the PGA events. Dream job!
  7. Dwayne N

    CLub Assembly i'm with Don
  8. Tim Tiger

    Research and Development out at Manchester Lane or Oceanside.

  9. Doug E

    Sales & Marketing.

    I truly believe in the products (which is a requirement for me to sell or promote anything in good conscience), and I was a Creative Director in advertising and marketing for 25 years. Designed, wrote copy, art directed. Need anyone Titleist? As long as I can play golf 4 or 5 days a week, I'm available! ;-)
  10. Andrew K

    I would work in manufacturing. Specifically on the lean side of it. It's what I do for a living, so why not do it for Titleist.
  11. Steve S

    Great post Speedy, and great answers guys. I would love to work on the TT staff. Help out getting the TT invitational tournaments together. Preparing the sweepstakes. And just getting around to meet the members of the TT family. To me, that would be ideal!
    Play Well
    Steve S.
  12. J.R. F

    That would be a tough one. I'm a putter junkie so the Cameron aspect is enticing but I think that I would like to be a fitter. That way I could try out all of the equipment and maybe get to play some nice courses in the process.
  13. Darryl M

    Design department for drivers & fairways. Working to understand new materials & how to improve the ball speed & flight without compromising quality and durability.
  14. JAM

    Scotty Cameron - love the creativity that goes into the putters and head covers.

  15. Frank P

    Working in the Tour Trailer that goes to every event. A lot of travel and hours, but I'd love to work on the clubs that the staffers use. Second choice would be a sales rep for a particular territory.
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